Moving forward

Last Update: January 14, 2018

I have just been looking after my beautiful 92 year old father in NZ, I took him on a holiday to Napier. We had a great time such a joy to spend time with him. I have been thinking of my goals for 2018 and trying to work out my priorities... with earning a living at the top of the list.

On my return to Perth I looked at my snail mail and there was a cheque from J.P Morgan.... for the sum of $2.26 ... with no explanation.. for what it is for... but may be royalties to a few books I have written... I am a great believer in asking the universe to help and have been working on changing my vibration towards money... well I have found $50.00 cash on a foot path....and now a cheque in the mail. Well that is a start huh? Thank you universe.

Now to work on those Wealthy Affiliate Goals...

Have a great year everyone. 2018 is going to be fabulous.

Best wishes,


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MeganW Premium
What a great story. I am on a journey to self-discovery this year and one of the things I am doing is trying to change my vibrations, not only to money, but in many areas of my life. Thank you for sharing your experience of this.
Browjack5 Premium
Good luck it is a process of self-discovery, thanks for your comment. Little steps... keep me posted on your progress. Take care Jackie