Earth's staple

Last Update: February 04, 2017

A man who was apparently upset and hurting stood behind me on Friday, as I waited in a line - I knew he was upset and hurting because as he spoke to the person beside him, I sensed his broken, nervous voice as he related some tales regarding the poor treatment he was getting at his work place. I truly felt sorry for him. His story evokes the little poem below:

We shouldn't see shades and features -

Not first when we see people,

Instead emotions, purposes and cultures

Rising higher than any steeple -

Contributing to creation

In answer to the call,

Of man's true affirmation -

We're here to serve us all.

Just like here at WA

When here we see people,

We help them here to stay -

For we know, they are, really earth's *staple.

*main or principal resource

What's your general feeling about people?

Here's hoping you'll find something of value.

May your weekend be overwhelmed with treatment of kindness.


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AlexEvans Premium Plus
That is such a powerful message Sheila thank you so much for sharing your insights.
brooksbode90 Premium
I appreciate that very much, Alexander, thank you too.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
You are most welcome. Sheila
MKearns Premium
One thing about WA, in a virtual world it's easier to see through spiritual eyes. Great post Paul!
brooksbode90 Premium
Thanks Mike, that's quite true about WA.
PMbaluka Premium
Very important poem, story and quotes. Integrity is who we are when nobody is watching!
brooksbode90 Premium
Thank you, great one too, Paul, and it doesn't hurt to treat people the way we want to be treated.
SUNDAY1 Premium
Your caring shows that you have a loving heart. Caring what your fellow feels is indeed one of the staples the makes the world great.

Rolling along,
brooksbode90 Premium
Thank you, Sunday, I just think it's important appreciate the feelings of others.
AnneTaylor Premium
Let's hope that the person in line was hurting so that he may be propelled into a situation that is more fulfilling and in alignment with who he is. Sometimes the Universe has to hit me over the head with the proverbial 2X4 before I get the message and take action.
brooksbode90 Premium
Thanks Anne, thats makes sense - sometimes people are at a serious disadvantage as it relates to education, so it takes them a longer time to appreciate that 'hit' from the universe, and we need not help them down, instead we should help them up - the least we can do is to treat people with respect.