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February 12, 2017
Am I stuck? I don't think so - I have no wish to ask a foolish question. I there an absurd question? But if I should ever get stuck I know I'm to seek help by asking the necessary questions - that's one of the important things I learnt since being here at WA. That's what I heard quite clearly while giving attention to Kyle's tutorial - I heard "The only foolish question is the one that didn't get asked." Am I right?And he's right - because that's a highly remarkable and widely acceptable appro
February 05, 2017
"So what's holding you back," I asked, because he was already aware that he could join WA for free - after all he has been toying with the idea of joining WA. Of course, his response struck up a conversation around the niche idea, and I remembered from my own experience that the idea of identifying a business niche can be somewhat daunting for some of us.But isn't it the case that many other things in life can appear intimidating to us - until we confront it , get to know it and recognise that
February 04, 2017
A man who was apparently upset and hurting stood behind me on Friday, as I waited in a line - I knew he was upset and hurting because as he spoke to the person beside him, I sensed his broken, nervous voice as he related some tales regarding the poor treatment he was getting at his work place. I truly felt sorry for him. His story evokes the little poem below:We shouldn't see shades and features - Not first when we see people,Instead emotions, purposes and culturesRising higher than any steepl
January 22, 2017
Some reorganising of my study became necessary at the start of the new year. As I worked, I lamented the idea that I did not read two of the books I wanted to read before the end of 2016. Some feeling of self let down rose within me, especially because I made a serious pledge to read those books. The frustration with myself lingered - as if it took the decision not to let go - and I remembered that at other times I managed to complete my readings by the end of the year. For a while, ther
January 15, 2017
A relative and friend of mine to whom I had introduced WA, called me over the New Year holidays to wish me season's greetings, and to inquire how I was doing regarding my WA business. He particularly wanted to know how my earlier business, prior to joining WA was working out.We spoke for a little while, perhaps because I hadn't heard from him for some time, but mainly, I think, it was the nature of the thoughts we exchanged.I was certainly not complaining as I have grown to dislike the idea of
January 13, 2017
As humans, we are inclined to move from one thing to the next, including moving from one extreme to the other. This means also moving from overthinking to underthinking. It can be safely concluded that overthinking can result in negatives like under-productivity. In the same vein underthinking can also have an undesirable effect on result. However, we need to take stock of the remarkable prize we can derive from allowing ourselves the opportunity to think sufficiently.Of course, we can develop
Thank you everyone here at WA, for the many highly motivational and inspiring posts you have always provided for me to read. During the last few days, life's circumstances demanded my urgent and undivided attention. This meant that apart from not having the time to attend to my business here, I had very little or no internet access. It was quotation like the one below, along with the many deeply inspiring posts I have read here that reassured, sustained, and helped to give me that positively hu
Now that the New Year has come to an end, It is usual for the element of resolution to be given greater prominence in the lives of many people around the world. For my part, I trust that the result of my reflection on the past year, will be kind enough to motivate me to make the resolution to continue my efforts here, for improved financial freedom.About this time in 2016, I resolved to expand my small 'from home' venture, but by about the middle of the year, I abandoned a part of the idea wh
November 24, 2016
When someone labels WA community as a scam, I think it's very easy to do the math by using just a little brain power to dispel the malice. According to one of Albert Einstein's quote " Education is not the learning of facts, but but the training of the mind to think".(a) Is this someone saying that educational institutions around the world are scams? Of course, these educational places offer education, training, work environment, and that requires money.(b) Is this someone saying
October 30, 2016
Hi there, all you WA guys, Im very happy to rejoin you; I was really missing you all, and I trust you're all doing well. After all, who would want to be away from such a unique and congenial community, for so long? My internet service is back, after going on, over three days unauthorised vacation, due to a broadband outage, according to the service provider. The problem is kind of becoming regular, but this time around has been the longest. When I could not access WA, where possible, I moved so