Prefer win 7 Start menu to win 10 tile menu?

Last Update: August 01, 2016

The win7 Start menu has perhaps become ingrained in many of our computer psyches over the years, and the familiar is always most comfortable to us. For those of us who would like to keep using the Win 7 Start menu ... You can get it

You can replace the Win 10 Start menu by installing Classic Shell


If Cortana is not your thing or of any use to yourself, then you can remove this also by right clicking the search box and select 'Cortana Hidden'

Another way of doing this is by going to Start, Settings and search for Cortana, then

Open 'Cortana & search settings' and drag the slider to off.

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Dreamer56 Premium
I am almost used to it now David. But has been a transition for sure
rwagener Premium
I still don't use the tiles at all and just can't get beyond the standard menu!
Andrew-74 Premium
I did prefer the Windows 7 version but I still keep battling on with Windows 10! You are quite right, the Win7 start menu and everything inside is engraved in my memory. Although I've been using Windows 10 now for some time I still haven't quite gotten used to it!
Brookline Premium
Time for a change? Stay happy?
Andrew-74 Premium
I'm gonna stick with it! Just have to think a bit more about where everything is!