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Last Update: June 03, 2016

Today ... Pleased to find 4 Email notifications stating WA members now following me. Clicking on in the normal manner to their profiles resulted in each case of opening up the correct page... But welcoming me as a guest!

Subsequently I cannot make any comment

Next suddenly pops up the standard invite to join WA !! over the existing member's normal log-in box. Log in then reverts to profiles. And comments can be made.

Ok, problem solved but what a total waste of valuable time.

What on earth is going on here? Any body else in this situation before I get our illustrious founders involved?

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BillandSue Premium
Hi David,
I had something similar a few weeks back. I would click on the link and a "sign-up" page would pop up, this was for all WA blogs, questions trainings, etc. The only way I got out of it was to "refresh/restart" the computer. Then mysteriously it all this went away. I guess it was a glitch at WA some where. I hope it doesn't return.
Brookline Premium
Thank you for your concern.
This is happening on my IPad ..and the play it forward notification produces the same glitch .... always treating me as a guest!
Will look at my settings and as a last resort try a restart
mckm Premium
That happened to me, too. - Margaret
Dreamer56 Premium
I haven't heard about anything like that David. I haven't a clue