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Last Update: May 26, 2014

The world has become a place full of instant gratification. Want some food? Go to the drive thru. Need some information? Just go to Google and there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of sites waiting to give you what you need.

For the things that truly matter in life though, fast is not always best. You've got to stop and smell the roses along the way.

I had been looking for quite awhile at ways to make money from home. I started mystery shopping, taking surveys, did some Mechanical Turks...None of it was getting me very much, but boy could I get a little bit of extra money fast.

I wasn't happy with only getting a little bit though. I wanted a way to permanently support myself while working from home. When I finally stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate about 4 weeks ago, I thought I had stuck oil.

.I flew through the first training course. I couldn't believe how easy it was to to buy a domain and start building a website. I decided almost immediately that I needed to learn more and took advantage of the discounted Premium rate for new members.

Halfway through the second training course and it all started to sink in. I had to slow down. It wasn't enough to just get things up and started. I need to plan out my posts better. Make sure my pages had evergreen content that could tie the entire site together.

Just from watching the live chat I was learning so much! Then I started reading other people's blogs; looking at the member training that was available; and really paying attention to the content I was putting on my site. It was not enough to just throw a website up and link to affiliate programs.

If I was going to get, and keep, traffic in my niche I realized that the site had to be inviting to women and it had to present the quality content I knew they could get on other sites in a way that other sites weren't presenting it.

I realized that getting my site up and running fast would not turn into me getting an online business started fast. Slow and steady was going to win this race for me. My site has a good solid foundation now. A few affiliate links and some really good content. I'm really happy with the way it looks. If I was a visitor I would want to stay for awhile. Now it's time to keep going with my training and learn all about social media.

For all of you new to WA I encourage you to take your time. There is so much information here. So many people who can teach you based on their personal experiences in online marketing. you may feel like you want/need money now, but it will pay off if you take your time your first month as a Premium member and really learn the industry, and community, you are joining.

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WestBay Premium
Hello Brooke, I like what you are saying, but any business is not really a fast and easy effort, is it? What is? it is more slow and steady like to say, or more up's than downs might be a better description.
brookeflinn Premium
I would agree with you for most business. When I was in college I taught private lessons for horn and piano. It was a primary source of income for me, though at the time I would never have considered it my business. It was the easiest thing I had ever started doing. All I had to do was talk to a couple band directors and *poof* I was suddenly the go to teacher for the entire district's horn players.

From there I was referred to the neighboring district. I never had to advertise or think about promoting. It literally took me 4 weeks to be completely booked solid with students. That is about as instant gratification as you can get with a business.

I have seen people come into the chat in WA on their first day and ask "When do I start making money?" or "How do I make money?" Some think they can throw a website up in a day and they will instantly start pulling in cash. It's even possible that this has happened for some people, but the people who stick with WA eventually come to realize that instantly making money is not the norm.
gise777 Premium
I love it! THANKS Brook! This is wonderful information and yes.... "slow and steady" is the way to go! I've felt that same urge to hurry things up! Just wanting to see my website online and running NOW.... but I also said STOP! Better to take a bit longer and make sure that the design of your website and its content is truly appealing and worthy!
Blessings Brooks! Please don;t stop sharing your advances!
brookeflinn Premium
I'm glad that I am not the only one anxious to get the ball rolling.
kellychaffee Premium
I made the same mistakes. Where can I view your website?
brookeflinn Premium is the site I've been working on the past several weeks. I still don't have many posts up. What I have been doing though, as I have ideas or found a good keyword, is creating a post and marking it private. This way I can work on the posts as time allows and switch them to public once they are ready to be viewed. I forget who I stole that trick from.
arick Premium
That is so true. Fast is not always best. Thanks for sharing Brooke!
brookeflinn Premium
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I know I love reading your posts. I know we've both been on WA for about the same time. I love seeing how other people are progressing and getting inspired by what they share.
MisterWailor Premium
Really good post. Inspiring!
brookeflinn Premium
Thank you!