Personal Goals that Motivate Me

Last Update: May 29, 2014

A few blog posts ago, I wrote about three personal goals that I had. Each one of those goals had a time limit and I could have easily achieved them...if I had the proper motivation.

My weekend came and went. I found that I had reached one of those goals, almost reached the second, and didn't even work on the third. That is perfectly okay though. To me that means I need to find new personal goals that motivate me to get my booty movin and get the work done.

I'm not sure exactly what happened to me tonight, but I got inspired. I wrote long posts on my site (one littered with affiliate links and one without...for now). Both posts are meant to help people who prefer to workout from home.

All this great feeling of accomplishment then crashes into nothing when I realize my site still has no ranking (or is ranked so bad I cannot find it). I sort of feel like my dog, Red, at the end of our walks. He rushes through the beginning, and then, at the end, I almost have to drag him along to keep up.

So it's time to look at my goals and decide on some better ones that may help me move forward instead of drag behind the pack.

1) Figure out this SEO keyword business better. It seems none of my website keywords are very good.

2) Get more social. I've never been the best at social media (especially pinterest...I still can't figure out what the heck is going on there), but if I can figure out how to leverage it better then maybe I can reach my target audience better.

3) Although I will keep adding posts to my site I will work on my patience. I cannot expect a site that has less than 10 posts to suddenly start ranking first page with keywords that have a QSR in the 100-200 range. I do have some lower QSR keywords, but they are getting quite hard to find for my niche...time to get creative!

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Christabelle Premium
Isn't that what setting goals is really all about? To strive to reach them and then find where improvement might be needed? So it sounds to me like you are doing just fine! Best of all you didn't get discouraged and you kept a positive attitude! Good post! :) Christa
brookeflinn Premium
Yes that is what goals are about. But sometimes it's easy to forget and think yourself a failure for not reaching your goals. My niche is weight loss for women with a metabolic disorder, so staying positive even when missing your goals is an essential message to all those ladies trying to drop the pounds. I just had to translate it to WA!
Annick Premium
Hey Brooke, we all have our moments but congrats to you for your motivation. :-)
gise777 Premium
Congrats! Yes.... self-motivation is key and taking action is crucial! Great job Brook!
Jen090 Premium
Hi one of my sites has still <10, but I won't bother pulling my hair trying to figure out the 'WHY', i just try to keep improving, and adding something, and it will soon rank well. All the best. Keep writing.
brookeflinn Premium
I definitely will keep writing, but I think being more social is definitely going to help too. Getting my name/brand out there to try and drive people to my site instead of just relying on SEO seems like a good plan at this stage in the game to me.
Anewcreature Premium
its a amazing how just little small things tend to bring about disappointment and discouragement. But you are going to see the light after a few and than that smile shall set upon your face as if you were truly Florida sunshine :)