Not enough hours in the day!

Last Update: July 30, 2014

I am feeling unbelievably stressed out and demotivated. I went from living with my significant other (with two large dogs, two cats, and a snake) to living by myself with no significant other (with two large dogs, two cats, and no snake). I also went from having a full time job tha allowed me to work from home quite a bit, to my position being eliminated (thank goodness my SO still had his job and I had unemployment). That's when I found WA. Now that I'm alone again I have a full time 40 hour a week office job that requires a half hour commute.

Granted my massage license will be reinstated in Ohio soon. This will cut down on my commute time...and get me out of that freaking desk job...but I'm literally running out of hours in the day. I simply can't seem to find enough time to make sure my big boys get exercise, my little cats get enough attention, AND I now have to do all the chores around the house myself.

I simply can't keep sacrificing sleep. So of course that means my website...which still sucks as far as bringing in traffic and revenue is concerned...suffers even more. I'm getting really discourage and my reasons for doing this don't seem to be helping motivate me anymore.

Any suggestions from other people who's lives seem to be overwhelmingly busy? How do you fit it all in?

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skc Premium
Scheduling is important...I try even to not check emails until I've done some 'real work.' Also regarding your mind taking up some sort of meditation practice does wonders. Even 10 minutes a day helps. I know where you at but it will pass with time.
cookma54 Premium
Brooke, try writing down all the things that are really important to you. Find the 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. Prioritize them by order of which means the most. Then make a schedule with those in first ... take the pressure off yourself - it's not a speed race - you've got plenty of time for the rest of your life.
cubandane Premium
Brooke, this may seem difficult at first but try putting your mind in a positive space and think about the good things about your life, your menagerie of great pets that keep you company at night and the fact that you have got a job and that no-one in WA is putting pressure on you to spend time on your website which in any event won't replace your job in the near future, but it will eventually make you very comfortable. When you start to see everything in this positive light you will be surprised at how many things will start to go your way and suddenly things will begin to flow for you. All the best, Simon
Annick Premium
Yeah, I agree with Shawn, let it grow slowly and take some time to breath. Your not on a clock here and no need for it te be an additional stress for you.

Take some well deserved time for yourself. :-)
Shawn Martin Premium
If you can afford to let the site grow slowly do so.. There is no race here. Sometimes we create more stress worrying about stress than what is really there.

Slow down and enjoy!