Day 10- The 3 D's of "Doing, the Do!"

Last Update: May 05, 2019

The 3 D's?

Desire! Discipline! Delight!

Day, 10, folks, and I'm learning to "Keep It Simple, Simply!"


We, are all here, at WA, with a unique, beautiful vision, of which, we wish to share and a restless need to help others... from the heart!

We all have a dream, and our goals, for accomplishment!

Having introduced, the 3 B's, for "MOUTH- control", and learning to respond vs react, I was reminded of this powerful, message, while listening to Creflo Dollar, many years ago...I, don't know if this was original, but, essentially, this was the geist, of a Powerful message!

We will, change, when the pain, of what we're doing, ... Isn't working!


A strong wish, longing or yearning...

That ever present need to adapt to the environment, our root goal, of survival....

"Un-fulfilled Potential", is thought to be, the biggest regret, of people, as they approach, their end days.

"Success, breeds, success!"

The. more I, accomplish, the more I want to challenge, myself! I'm enjoying, Me as my only competitor! I AM, the biggest obstacle, in any endevour! I need, "Self-awareness!!


Training, that corrects, molds, and perfects...

Self- Discipine, allows, the most, control, over my environment.

I, can correct, and perfect, myself, or the world can.

Pick a situation?

I pay, my bills, when due, and DELIGHT, in having water!

I don't pay, my bill, so, I receive, a notice, and ignore, it! The water company shuts off the water!...and the fun, begins...Negative consequences, of in-action. ..Didn't take care of "Simple self-responsibilities"!

Daily routines, with a daily twist, of change, and I become corrected, and molded, and perfected.

What's Your Take on Discipline? Attitude... ?

Back to our roots!

I, once asked, my Mom, why she never hit me, as a form of discipline?

"Oh, I just couldn't! You, cowered, with fear, if I raised, my hand!"...But, she added..."You, never, needed, much. You were always, self-directed, I just needed to help, or MAKE, you stay with it!" Huge, Mom!

"You, won't quit, flute, until, you've met, Mr Reed, the band instructor, at the high school." One, more year, and I can quit...Not! I liked it too, much! Quitting wasn't an option!

Pretty, positive, look at discipline, as a parent, teacher, person, of some experience!

Enter, the other reality ...The "Hidden agenda", and motives.Having watched, my older sister, and sometimes, my brother, try "to push the limits of Mom's tolerance", I, learned, ... from their mistakes!!

To avoid consequences!

...Let the lies, begin!

My, attitude, was that discipline, was negative, and something, to be avoided! I'll, run from responsilibility! Hide, my head in the sand, and wait for the consequences, ...that always, come sometime! Karma?

Mom, almost, had it right, ...I, Did, need more discipline, but had learned, how NOT to get caught!

This, became, a driving force, a continuous, mystery!! Ever, changing daily, challenge,

...until it didn't work anymore!

"To thine, own self, be true!"

I, could, fool, Mom, or so I thought, but, I can not fool, myself!

"To thine, own self, be true!"


"Doing the right, thing, when know one is looking!" KISS!

Attitude, shift!

Self-responsilibity, is POWER! I only have relieve, the PAIN! MY, CHOICES, as to, How I will react, or what actions, I will take, to relieve, the discomfort, or pain, are my ONLY Power!

  • Body, pain, says, "Something's wrong!", ...see a doctor!
  • Mental, pain?, ...change your thinking!

"From, chaos, comes order."

Discipline, is simply following in a good direction. It is what it is!

"Doing the do!"

...with a Great attitude!

Attitude, is my choice!

Love, and embrace the challenge of self-discipline, for Freedom, it will give!! Taking, responsibility, for my actions, feelings,or growth, allows, ME to be my own, BOSS!


Enjoying, the fruits of accomplishment

Today, during my daily morning, routine, of attitude enhancement time, My message was crystal clear.

My, DESIRE? Accomplishing, my new daily goals! Practice self-discipline, self-reliance).

DISCIPLINE! ...myself, by Immediately getting into action, avoiding distractions, and staying laser focused, on my objective!

DELIGHT! Pushing the publish, button, and feeling great,, having completed, yet, ... another task!! ...With, big things out of the way, now I'm free, to go and clean, my pool, ...

Simply, enjoy,

"Another, Pleasant Valley Sunday!"-Monkees!

Somethings, need no explaination...

The 3 D's... Have a heart felt, Desire, add the Daily-DISCIPLINE, and see, touch, feel, the DELIGHT!!

Great idea!

How, can I, use this meaningful, new knowledge?

Find a Model!

In, the beginning, of this post, I aimed to, KISS!... "Keep It Simple, Simply" With, this goal, in mind, I'm closing, out, at least, for this blog, with a,

"Preview of Coming events!" !

Tune-in, tomorrow, for...

"Stand and Deliver!"

..., starring, Jaime Escalante, teacher in

the Los Angeles, "Barrios"!

A true life story of "Integrity, Persisant, and Power!, and undaunting courage, in the face of adversity, ...never faultering from his goals!!" ...Tune, in for this exciting drama!

Have a blessed, Sunday, practicing the" 3 D's to Success"!

Have a Delightful, day!


OH! ...I 'm now in the top 100 at Wealthy Affiliate! Thank, you!

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