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Last Update: January 14, 2019

Amazing the changes I'm beginning to feel within my thought patterns.. I've been away visiting and helping my elderly parents with a few things for a few days and have been surprised at the strong want I've experienced to be back here and learning more.

Since first discovering WA just a couple of weeks ago, my belief in being able to create a lifestyle with WA and the people I'm meeting it is really shaping up as a reality.

I'be been saying how I wish I had found WA earlier, however in hindsight I may have. I just didn't see it for what it is. Probably stuck with the square wheel guys in the pic above. Dangerous place to be.

In Bootcamp, I am now at the stage of content and writing. Lol. This could be interesting. One of my big excuses of many past ventures is not knowing, or being prepared to learn about content and how to utilize it. Well Here we go. No more turning back.

Catch you on the next blog. Avagreatday

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Babou3 Premium
Great post!
In WA we learn every day something more
that keeps us moving faster and further.

Thanks for sharing!
nadishia28 Premium
I didn’t see the value in the beginning either but I also feel like I wasn’t in the right frame of mind either. Glad you found your way back
Sikaanka1 Premium
No more turning back indeed! One should only move towards better places, better destinations and better achievements. So far this WA thing is a better place for all these. Goood day
JeannineC Premium
Writing content is like any other skill - with practice you can master it. Don't worry if it takes time, just focus on your end goal and you'll be fine. Go for it!