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January 14, 2019
Amazing the changes I'm beginning to feel within my thought patterns.. I've been away visiting and helping my elderly parents with a few things for a few days and have been surprised at the strong want I've experienced to be back here and learning more.Since first discovering WA just a couple of weeks ago, my belief in being able to create a lifestyle with WA and the people I'm meeting it is really shaping up as a reality.I'be been saying how I wish I had found WA earlier, however in hindsight
January 06, 2019
Woohoo, feeling a little excited here. Upgrading to premium and seeing all the extra tool and teaching we get just blew me away. Well I haven't seen all of it yet, there is heaps to go through. For those of you that are Premium members you know what I'm talkin about. For those that haven't upgraded.... Go for it. Can't believe what I'm learning here with WA. Stuff that I've heard about over the times but never shown how or why to use them. Thank you WA
January 04, 2019
Wow, this bootcamp training to be a WA Affiliate is awsome. Without a doubt I now know more about websites than I've ever known before.How come I never came across WA before this, probably because I wasn't ready for it.Reminds me of reading the Bible. The reading plan I use will take me through the New Testament twice and the Old Testament once each year. Even now after having read through the Bible for several years I continually see things I haven't seen before. Same as WA, I saw it when
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January 02, 2019
Crikey, learning heaps here, now have set up my first website.Starting to feel like things are getting pretty real here.
This is my first entry into my blog, beginning this venture at the very start of 2019. As I write this the time is approaching 11;40pm January 2nd. Looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things.
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