Yahoo and chasing passwords

Last Update: December 15, 2016

You've probably already heard that Yahoo was hacked again, in a huge way, and is advising most users to change their passwords.

Not so easily done in some cases. In my situation, I spent hours on the phone and online with AT&T reps trying to get this simple task done.

The problem: Yahoo is connected to both AT&T and Direct TV. If you're lucky enough to have accounts with all 3 like me, you've got a potentially sticky situation.

To change my password, Yahoo automatically redirects me into AT&T's site. AT&T autofills my user name there and everything fails from that point forward.

The problem ultimately turned out to be the AT&T user id. It was right from a current POV but wrong from the days when I first became an AT&T customer. Back then, the address was not ATT.NET but instead SBCGLOBAL.NET. I never interact with my AT&T account these days. So, I lost track of the details related to it and forgot all about the different addresses.

By simply manually typing in my correct AT&T ID and address, the process worked very easily and smoothly from then on.

BY THE WAY: I only got this guidance when I went on AT&T's Facebook page and vented in a comment. Suddenly, they were reaching out to me and quickly figured out the problem.

My advice. If you are in my situation and running into failures in changing your Yahoo password, try the SBCGLOBAL.NET address in your AT&T user ID. It will probably default to the current ATT.NET.

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Thanks for the heads up. I use Yahoo and saw the notice. Fortunately I only use Yahoo, so I can avoid that headache. Unfortunately I access my Yahoo account from multiple devices and pieces of software so I'll have to update the password on ALL of them. What a headache.