Post Holiday Funk

Last Update: January 09, 2017

Read somewhere that January is a rough month for many people with high rates of all kinds of terrible things.

I'm fitting right in lately. Plus I'm scheduled for a surgery later this week that I've been forewarned will be painful. So, I'm stockpiling posts now in just in case writing is difficult in the next week or two.

I finished the WA initial training last month and I have to admit I feel a bit disconnected from WA now. I'm spending almost full time creating content for my site and that's good.

I haven't made any money yet. I sometimes wrestle with doubts, as I'm sure all of us who are relatively new to this do. Is this niche going to work? Am I providing real value to my readers? And so on...

I need to find some new habits to get that connected feeling back with WA.

Any suggestions?

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Numerous Premium
:) I actually kind of feel like a WA addict at the moment, so I kind of have the opposite problem.

If you want to reconnect though, maybe just pick a handful of members each day that you're following and post a comment on their profile asking them how they're progressing. People really appreciate that, so you'd be doing something nice for them and helping yourself out. :)
bri48327 Premium
Good thought. Thanks!
Numerous Premium
Happy to help. :)