Low Hanging Fruit

Last Update: December 14, 2016

Kyle gave me a prod to go after low hanging fruit. And to look for Keyword phrases that:

Search = 50 Plus

Competition = Minus 100

So, this week so far I've posted 3 times with Keyword phrases that are very relevant to my niche with profiles like this:

104 Search 4 Competition

96 Search 8 Competition

112 Search 91 Competition

I'm excited to watch these posts to see what happens. The low hanging fruit concept is sound: It's better to reduce the competitive noise than to try, as a relative newcomer, and compete against the bigs in a busy space where I'll have a hard time ranking.

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GayleneNepia Premium
Congratulations Brian :-)
KeithMaki Premium
Great job following the training! Keith
Toshmack Premium
Well done, good luck my friend ;-)