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Last Update: October 06, 2016

You will greatly improve your web searches by putting your search phrases within inverted commas (" "). Just entering a phrase in the search bar often leads to many millions of results and some very relevant results will never be found.

However, put your phrases within inverted commas and the number of results will reduce to perhaps a few hundred or a few thousand with those nearest to your phrase having priority.

As an example, type in the search bar how to keep accounts and google results will be over 300 million.

Type the same phrase within inverted commas "how to keep accounts" and the google results are reduced to about 45,000.

If you are searching using bing then the results will be over 1 billion for both searches, however you will still benefit by seeing the most relevant results on the early pages when using the inverted commas.

How to keep accounts is one of the pages included in the very first website I created. From absolutely zero knowledge I followed the training given by Wealthy Affiliates to create my site BookkeepingAndAccounts .com and now my site is at position No.2 on the first page of this search out of 45,000 results.

Another of my pages is Simple Accountancy Basics and when this phrase is searched within inverted commas i.e. "simple accountancy basics" my site commands 7 of the top 10 entries on page 1 including positions 1,2,3 and 4.

Whilst more experienced web users already use inverted commas when entering their searches - you can see how beneficial this is - there are still a lot of people who are not aware of this refinement so passing on this "tip" will surely be appreciated and can benefit us all.


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drjec Premium
Good tip.
Braintree Premium Plus
Many thanks.
Braintree Premium Plus
Thanks Pat, I hope my success will inspire others.
PatLemy Premium
Great news ! Just keep this momentum up ! Thanks for sharing.