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February 22, 2016
So, my two golf-related sites have been up for approximately 5 weeks and 8 weeks. And in that time I have easily spent 60 - 70 hours per week sprinting the marathon, learning curve. Trying to earn or in some instances buy Google love with limited success. But, I am proud of the sites and each day I learn a little bit more about how to succeed.Over the course of the weeks I have had a few Amazon affiliate sales but none of the items were golf related. Today I checked my Amazon account and wa
February 10, 2016
I know it has only been a couple weeks since PJGermain wrote his original post on this plugin but a lot of information disappears once it is no longer listed as "unanswered" or "popular". PJ's post should be bookmarked by everyone so that you can remember the plugin. PJ's post he recommends a WordPress plugin that you can install (and then delete) that will primarily remove old post and page revisions. It a
As some of you know I have been working my butt off on my golf training aid website. I've worked hard on SEO. Added content. Lengthened posts to make them more user friendly. Added a few inbound links (work in process). And yet I have been lost in the backpages of Google search. No visibility = No traffic = No conversions. So I have been distraught and confused. Recently I committed to work two paths: 1.) add more content, and 2.) try to figure out social media. So I am working both f
Folks,In my never-ending quest to figure out whether I am doing SEO right I stumbled upon a great Google link and downloadable 32 page pdf "beginner's guide" to SEO. I would say that it is more than a beginner's guide and that it is a highly worthwhile read. the immediate information within the link, it has a glossary of terms by page as well as plenty of content lin
I just responded to a question about how to write a review for a consumer product. I just went through this process for my first site After writing the response I thought there might be benefit in sharing it more broadly. (I warn folks I am a little more methodical than some might be.) Essentially I used a 6 step process after I determined my product -- golf carry bags.I started by scanning the golf carry bag offerings of four of the highest volume golf sites -
Hey there,I blogged earlier this week about having had my first Amazon affiliate order. I was pretty excited.But a couple other firsts happened this week. I broke 100 people following me -- a mere shadow of other folks numbers, but a start.And I just broke the 1000 rank and am sitting at 868. Two weeks ago I was somewhere around 3500. But I turned from being a bit of a skeptic to being fully committed to WA. So, I have tried to be highly responsive, made thoughtful comments on websites and
January 19, 2016
It's late here In beautiful NY State. Couldn't sleep. So, being the web entrepreneur that I am I thought I would get up and check my Amazon Associates' account. To my surprise my first referral order was placed on January 18th for an Apple IPad Air 2. My website (which has only been up a couple weeks) has nothing to do with consumer electronics! But the great thing about Amazon is that if you can get visitors to the marketplace and they buy almost any merchandi
It has been a couple months since I joined WA. I was a bit of a skeptic about the value but have come to realize that the resources, platform, lessons and community support are fantastic.I went live with my first website a little while ago. The website is a small site reviewing golf carry bags. It is linked to Amazon. As of last night it was ranked on Page 5 of Google which I think is pretty good seeing it didn't have real content til about 4 -5 days ago! I ha
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