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Last Update: July 25, 2013

Avid Firefox users may already be aware of this little trick, or maybe not. But it's really quick and easy so check it out!

Reboot Your Computer With Utter Ease And Joy!!!

Rebooting is a must after many updates. Plus it keeps your computer fresh, and operating smoothly. But it's a hassle, and takes too much time. Which is why I often end up putting it off as long as possible. Or at least, I used to.

One of the things I always do when I reopen Firefox is I open all of my favorite / frequently used tabs.

In a couple of instances, I also like to open multiple tabs from the same site.

It's a chore. And now, it's an unnecessary one.

Awesomely Automatic Method For Reopening Tabs

This new (new to me at least) preference not only opens all your favorite tabs automatically, but, it also has the ability to open multiple identical tabs, as opposed to the Bookmark / Open All in Tabs - method, which can't.

Upon opening Firefox, I always open two pages of the wp-admin area. I do this because I like to be able to stay in the dashboard area on one page, and then I just refresh the 2nd page, which has my site open, to see the changes I just made from the dashboard page.

Additionally, I like to open two WA pages, (sometimes even 3), I participate in chat on one page, and do work - visit peoples profiles, etc in the other.

After those, I like my email's, and Jaaxy tabs open.

Don't Get Annoyed By Rebooting, Try This Instead

Get all your tabs opened up the way you want. Then go to Firefox Preferences, General, go under "Home Pages" and click "Use Current Pages", and that's it!

After that, just one click of the Firefox icon and POOF! All your favorite stuff, even multiples of the same page, pop right up. Its awesome. And I love it! There is something about watching those tabs pop up all at once with their icons spinning and loading that makes me happy. If you're not already doing this, you should try it!

Hope this helps.

See ya!


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DoubleTap Premium
That's some great info, Brad... Thank ya, man!
bradleygt Premium
You bet! Really glad you enjoyed it!