The World without WA

Last Update: Dec 4, 2015


I wanted to change my renewal date for Premium membership from November 29th to November 30th. On Kyle’s advice I cancelled my membership on November 28th and then renewed on November 30th. This left me with 2 days without WA.

Talk about feeling lonely!! I could not access any blogs or even anything on my own account.

What happens when you click on "STOP BILLING and CLOSE ACCOUNT" you receive a message from Carson listing all that you have done at WA and of course asking if you really want to give all that up.

So you click on YES and it's as if someone has switched off all the lights and there you are left in the wilderness with nothing.

So I had a 2 day wait before rejoining and all that you can do in that time is play Spider Solitaire - not a great replacement!!

So, late on November 30th I paid my Black Friday yearly subscription and I'm back.

I really do enjoy the learning experience at WA and the "internet camaraderie" that exists here.

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Hii, so every year on black Friday you get a better rate? But it's a year long the package you have to purchase? X

I am glad that you are back and now it is catch up time.
Bless you.
Linda :))

Hi, Nice to know you're back in the community. Best wishes for the future at WA.

Guess we do not always realize just how much we do with WA and our sites

Yea, you felt lonely and missed 2 days of work on your site you could have enjoyed without answering a hundred WA email notices. Next time, log in to your site with.... (in the browser bar)


Have never thought about that, and agree WA does become a big part of your life. Good to see you are back.

I have never needed anyones approval but my own. Maybe that's why I have so many real-world accomplishments and awards. Starting from an initiative grant from a sitting United States President when I was 18 years old. WA to me is just somewhere to learn something. But my studies of Human Behavior let me know I am an exception rather than a rule. I understand the need for most humans to be led. I also understand for lesser human the need for recognition... Fake or real as long as they get it they are happy.


I agree!!


Sorry, I never know the educational background of whom I am speaking to.

Welcome back :)

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