Yahoo Business Listings and Yext

Last Update: March 31, 2016

So what do you think about Yahoo Business Listings?

My experience is pretty bad with a couple of clients. A couple of years ago.,.we paid the ransom to get some stuff cleaned up in their directory. They had bad addresses, the names of the company were off. Competing Companies of my clients are allowed to list their name in a way that takes away from Real legitimate companies that are licensed and doing business in the town.

At some point in the past year or so, yahoo small business closed down and decided to outsource their business listings to YEXT! Forgive me for not knowing exactly when they did this, I really have not paid much attention to Yahoo until recently. We had a bad review on yelp show up on yahoo listing. We have tried to claim the listing and respond, but it seems that that unless you are willing to pay YEXT, you will not have a chance in H$#@ of fixing the listing. The funny thing is.. Yahoo shows the YELP review.. but when you click on it to go to YELP it is not there!

I am seeing companies with wrong website addresses, wrong phone numbers, wrong street addresses, bad yelp links, and the list goes on. The worse thing about it is, I don't think the problems will go away by paying YEXT.. I think we would have to give them a ton of money to look at all the bad information they are responsible for on Yahoo. I really think someone has purposely corrupted all the info so they can get you to pay them. I feel like I am dealing with Hackers or Virus Creators talking to a YELP representative. They lean on you to pay them and get it fixed. If you fill out a form to claim your listing for free.. They will immediately call you and try to get you to pay the big monthly fee. They told us that we can not get it fixed with out them.

Question: Have you paid that company to help with Yahoo Business listings and what is your experience?

Citations: They claim to have control of a ton of the other major directory listing sites and can fix those too.. I don't think it is a big deal, but would love to know what everyone else thinks.

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mrbill6771 Premium
Thanks for the info, Bo
PjGermain Premium
Hey Bo,

I know what you mean and I feel your pain. I use local search to help my SEO. And, having your details straightened out can be a nightmare if not done correctly from the start. I won't go into all the details because I'm short on time. But, I read an article recently that discusses NAP. (Name, Address, Phone)

It's worth the read if you're thinking local search.