No Sports to Watch! What will you be doing with your extra TIME?

Last Update: Mar 13, 2020

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With the cancellation of all the sporting events in the US and abroad, what will people be doing with their time instead? What will they be watching on the television (or monitor)? What will they do with all the extra time?

What will you be doing with your extra TIME?

  • There are a lot of movies out there to watch on the world wide web
  • There are a lot of shows that can be watched on demand if you know how to find them
  • The Internet has a lot of options when it comes to streaming live and older content.
  • You can spend (i.e. waste) hours watching stuff on youtube

As people start looking at ways to past the time, I can't help but think it would be a perfect TIME to invest some TIME in a business that can be done from home. People will continue to purchase products online. The increase in quarantine is real, whether self imposed or not. Being inside could increase online sales a great deal. If you had a website that pushed them to the best products, you could benefit from the many people that will probably start shopping online for the first time in the next couple of weeks or months.

The resources and online training here at this website are a great way to get started with an online business. If you are not a WA member, consider joining today and spend your TIME at home investing in yourself.

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Are you celebrating this weekend?

NO Paddy Weekend?

I feel bad for so many that planned to party this weekend. This is normally a great weekend all over the country and many parts of the world.

St Paddy's Celebrations are cancelled in all the big cities. As of Friday 10:55am EST, they have yet to cancel our celebration in North Myrtle Beach, SC, which is the biggest One day event we have in the city. If you can't celebrate, you should go make your own green Beer! If you are lucky to have a celebration near you. I say go, just watch for sneezers.

Updated:1:45pm - The City Festivities for St Paddy's Day in NMB have been cancelled.

Have a Great Weekend!


Bo the Webguy

Recent Comments


Yes, I have many activities to pursue related to my online business.

Good to hear. Best of Luck in your online Business.

Doing good ❤

I have PLENTY to do. I wouldn't get bored if we were quarantined for 6 months. LOL

Perhaps in 9 months we'll see a new generation being born: the Corona Generation though! LOL


From what I am seeing in stores , I hope TP is not all their buying. Protection from virus is needed. Protection from a new generation of stupidity would also be welcomed.

It’s really unfortunate Bo, and here in Australia (where Tom Hanks and his wife are getting over their coronavirus), our AFL football season is supposed to kick off on Thursday night.

The first game features my team the Tiger’s, but they won’t be letting anyone in. This game usually attracts about 80k, but will be played in front of nobody.

The sooner this is over the better. So yes, perfect time to work on more websites articles.

get 'er dun'

Its so wierd that both of them caught it and it seems everyone in the word knows about it.
Very strange virus and even offer news. Wh0 will get it and who will not get it?

It is always good to share with others and we really appreciate you. Personally, I am motivated and encouraged. Than you.

You are welcome. Keep at it!

Great post,thank you for sharing and very true working on your business is a great idea. Pushing products online as most people do not want to go to public places to buy.

Thanks for the comment Fiona.

You are welcome!

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