Is making money online easy?

Last Update: February 23, 2017

Is it easy making money online? I will answer this question in a moment. Before that let me tell you a story that happened to me when I was fourteen.

When I was fourteen roller skating was a craze. Everybody in school had roller skates and kids were whizzing by with their roller skates. I asked my dad to get me a pair. The day came when he bought me a pair. I put in on and tried to skate. I found out the hard way that it was not easy. It looked so easy. I was sure I could do it. But I could not balance. I fell once, twice, three times….by the tenth time my back side hurt so bad I stopped skating. How is it that everybody else is doing it. Guess what --I hung my roller skates. My dad tried to coax me but I told him I give up. Till this day I can’t roller skate. Why? Because I gave up. It looked easy. I tried it. But I gave up and never ventured to learn it so till this day I am not able to skate. Well..making money online is a lot more complicated than skating BUT is it possible to make money online? Yes! Then why is it that so many have failed whereas others have made. Well if Tom, Dick and Harry are able to do it. Why can’t you?

I know that I would have succeeded in roller skating if I had someone who knew how to skate help me. Someone who knew how to coach me be with me leading me step by step till I succeeded. I definitely would have succeeded. It is the same thing with making money online. You need a coach, you need support, you need a plan to achieve this dream of making money online. Wealthy Affiliates have coaches who will help coach you. On top of that Wealthy Affiliate has a step by step plan that hundreds have succeeded with. This will be help train you to making money online. There is a also a large community at Wealthy Affiliate who are into making money online. They will help you anytime you get stuck or need a nudge in the right direction.

A plane needs a tremendous amount of energy for lift off. Likewise you will have to put in that huge effort, sweat and pain. This will to get you to the place where you will finally begin to make money online. Once you reach this point making money online will become easier and doable.

So Is it easy to make money online ? No and a big Yes! with Wealthy Affiliate. They have a plan. They have the necessary training. They have the support. You will have to be a willing partner to make money online.

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jtaienao Premium
I totally agree with you Bosco and thank you for sharing this.
bosco50050 Premium
Thanks for your input. really appreciate it. Rgds
AGOgden Premium
really great stuff,Bosco...thanks
bosco50050 Premium
Thanks I am glad you liked it
kmer6 Premium
You are right Bosco with your comparison between making money online and roller skating. Each of them is easy once you know how. It is the 'practice makes perfect' that makes most people fail at it. Another way of viewing it is 'no risk, no reward'.
Thank you for sharing.
bosco50050 Premium
Thanks Ken for your affirmation!