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March 13, 2017
It takes time…….Sometimes we forget that it takes time. It takes time to build anything. Having said that, of course, some things take longer than others. It is vital that in your Wealthy Affiliate (WA) journey you remember this ..i.e. it will take time before your efforts will bear fruit. Some have taken shorter time whereas others have taken a longer time. It all boils down to the sum of experiences that each individual has gone through that has prepared them for the journey at
February 23, 2017
Why am I failing to make money doing online marketing?I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now and I have not made any money. Can you believe that? I am ashamed to say this but it is true. It is discouraging and I had to stop and check on why this is happening. Is it only happening to me? I can see that others are, and have made money after a few months. What’s going on? Is there a conspiracy? I had to retrace my steps to find the answer.Part of my problem was that I came to
February 23, 2017
Is it easy making money online? I will answer this question in a moment. Before that let me tell you a story that happened to me when I was fourteen.When I was fourteen roller skating was a craze. Everybody in school had roller skates and kids were whizzing by with their roller skates. I asked my dad to get me a pair. The day came when he bought me a pair. I put in on and tried to skate. I found out the hard way that it was not easy. It looked so easy. I was sure I could do it. But I could not