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Last Update: May 5, 2016


If any of you promote Wealthy Affiliate (WA) then you probably have heard people ask, is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? Being that I am the author of this post I am not going to come out and say yes, oh well, I just did, but I am going to say why it is worth it and I want you to comment why you think WA is worth it.


As some of you may know I write content for other people’s websites and the other day I was on one of my favorite freelance websites looking for new writing gigs. I came across a couple of ads from startups looking for a blogger/content writer. In their list of requirements I on occasion will see things that I know are old SEO techniques thanks to the WA training.

For example I had seen a writing gig posting the other day stating that they wanted a writer that understands creating backlinks and using keyword density. Even though I am looking for another writing gig to fill in some recent freed up time, I will not write for someone who wants outdated SEO practices.

Keyword density died in late 2013 and the majority of backlinks a year later in 2014, but there still are a lot of people outside of WA, and a small percentage within WA, that believe keyword density and backlinks still matter for better SEO. But if you just follow the direction and training of Kyle and Carson, you will see they do not promote either.

Below is my training about why Google does not consider keyword density anymore.


Another reason why many of us can say yes to the question, is Wealthy Affiliate worth it, is because of the supportive, educating, and helpful community of seasoned members. Paying it forward as Carson said in his blog back in October 2013, is one of the many reasons WA is the best online community for those who want a successful future online.

Through the use of WA Blogs like this one we can reach out to all WA members, both those who follow us or not, and help to enrich them with our knowledge. Being that these blogs are indexed into Google, we also can reach people outside of WA and give them a glimpse into this great online community we call home.

And on that last note you can now tell the outside world why you feel that Wealthy Affiliate is worth it. Worth it to be a part of the best and most up-to-date training in everything having to do with internet marketing from Kyle’s training, Jay’s live weekly classes, Carson’s technology blogs, and the member contributions through the OEP (Open Education Project).

Not only is this blog going to be indexed into Google but I will use it as a link within an upcoming blog on my website, so others can hear from all of you as to what you feel about Wealthy Affiliate. So tell the world below in the comments about your thoughts on WA. Do you feel that being able to have basically everything you need to run a successful business for less than $50 per month worth it?

Recent Comments


Great post Robert.

1. Supportive community
2. Support from Kyle and Carson
3. Realistic training
4. Networking with others opens WAY more opportunities

Thanks Rufat. Definitely the networking with online marketers at all levels of achievement make WA in a class by themselves.

Absolutely it is - the training alone is worth it. But i love the community here and find it enjoyable. Web site is coming along and i am happy and find great value

Congratulations on the progress of your website.

The value for money, the community, the fact that someone is there 24 hours a day, the learning, the fun in fact everything

Most of the other so-called opportunities may sound good on the outside but once inside many feel alone. Like you said, someone is always here 24 hours a day to offer help, guidance and motivation should someone need it.

I agree with Shelia50; it has given me more than education; it has taught me to look at this internet business in a way that I would not otherwise have done. When I now read about opportunities, I understand so much more. It is worth every penny. Thanks for this posts.

Thank you for your comment Elma. There is so much more that WA has given all of us here that no other opportunity I have ever heard of could ever dream of giving.

Totally agree that it is well worth it. The training alone, the community, hosting. It allows me to develop and allows me to help others develop. it is a great symbiotic relationships, that empowers one to reach for their dreams!

True and in addition, to help those who follow to rise up to our level by offering guidance and a helping hand.

Wealthy Affiliate has given me more than education; it has brought me out of my comfort zone with writing content and sharing with others.
It allows me to help others with their dreams and successes. There are not enough words to express the extent that WA has helped me in my endeavors to become a work from home Mom/Grandma!

When I think of the worth of WA, I think of training, community support, hosting, domains, and so much more.

I would like to thank everyone here that has helped me and shown me that if we want something and go for it, we will find it!
Thanks for this blog and allowing us to share with you!

With so many people still falling for those "make big money online" programs that we all know do not work, WA is a refreshing opportunity that only works if one works hard at achieving success.

Im still just starting out, but there has been so much information and training to internalize here. WA is exactly what I was looking for when starting up my initial site and I certainly feel more confident about what Im doing even after only a few weeks of research here. Cetainly a good value.

That is AWESOME! It is always great to hear from the newbies to the community and what they feel after a short time here.

WA has evolved into an extraordinary organisation. It creates a level playing field where folks from all walks can learn the skills to create a sustainable online business, the fee for doing so represents real value.

I totally agree. Nothing can even come close to what WA offers for such a little amount of money in comparison to many of the online scams which offer no value.

I am also a freelance writer and know exactly what you mean about clients requesting outdated SEO techniques. The problem is, (I freelance with Upwork,) is that it costs us to put in a bid for an assignment and I am loath to 'spend' credits by advising them of that.

Outsourced is the same as far as bidding. I tend to search for gigs that bypass that middle man stage

Would be interested to learn where you get those from. If you have the time would you mind dropping me a PM? I would be very grateful :)

I created training a while ago about making money online writing and at the bottom of the page at the link below is a link to the freelance website I use.

Thank you very much.

You are welcome Jude.

Hohoho Robert, if I wasn't such a cynic I'd say that my reply to your recent keywords training has prompted this blog!!!
Seriously though, Wealthy Affiliate never ceases to amaze me when it comes to value for money.
Less than 50 bucks a month, and even less with the annual option, is an absolute steal for anybody who wants to learn how to properly create and build their own online business.
Not only the corporate training and education that the company supplies but the almost unlimited amount of supplementary training, information and support from members of the community, who are only too happy to pass on their own expertise, is without equal in the industry.
When you also factor in the inclusive hosting (try hosting dozens of sites elsewhere for less than $50 a month as well), and the technical support that we also get, well, it's a complete no brainer.
So forget franchising, forget a brick and mortar business, forget slaving for the man for 30, 40 or 50 years of your life.....get your own fully fledged Internet business off the ground for less than 50 US dollars a month, you know it makes sense.
Great blog Robert!

Thanks Mark! No your comment to keywords training had nothing to do with my writing of this post. I occasionally create WA blogs so I can link to them from my website within relevant content. This way I can use them like affiliate links, even though technically they are not. :)

Only kidding you anyway Robert.......chances are you were still in bed in the US at the time it appeared in my feed earlier today.
Doesn't detract from the truth anyhow and that is that WA is the real deal.

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