Eating Frogs!?! Level 3 done!

Last Update: August 30, 2018

Eating frogs?!?

I read a very motivational book entitled "Eat that frog"! I highly recommend it.

Basically, the name was derived from the idea that "if we eat the frog, that really important task that we KNOW we should get done first thing in the morning, then the rest of the day goes much better!"

I've been developing the habit of eating my daily, morning frog, and I'm loving it! So each morning I determine what is the one task that will pay off with the biggest dividends in my life. I decided I really need to put more energy and focus into developing my WA sites and knowledge, so getting the training done and all the tasks associated with it is my #1 frog for the next week or so.

Once we eat that frog, we feel really good inside. It is our human nature to put off the important tasks that we KNOW need to get done. When we jump in and do the task right away, we feel like a "winner". The body secretes all kinds of endorphins and chemicals to reward us. It's empowering, and we then want more.

I've been using this and my training is now in motion and making good progress. I'm excited to get all 5 levels done, create multiple websites, then take the affiliate boot camp, and build a solid base for my different businesses.

Eat your frog! WA has wonderful training and what a great group to learn from and help me over the hurdles. I intend to give back as well.

Eating frogs, Bobby O.

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ShaunnaLynne Premium
I'm laughing... and gagging a little!
Great analogy though!!