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April 20, 2020
Just a quick note to share that I was able to get a great deal on the yearly rate for WA, and I am glad to be back as a yearly member again. I went through some tough financial times, so had to do the monthly $49, but now doing better (really! during these times!) so was able to get the whole year rate. Thank you WA for such a wonderful platform and the community you have built. To everyones success!Bobby O.
Eating frogs?!?I read a very motivational book entitled "Eat that frog"! I highly recommend it.Basically, the name was derived from the idea that "if we eat the frog, that really important task that we KNOW we should get done first thing in the morning, then the rest of the day goes much better!" I've been developing the habit of eating my daily, morning frog, and I'm loving it! So each morning I determine what is the one task that will pay off with the biggest dividends in my life. I deci
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I'm finishing up level 2 of the training and excited to get to level 3, Making Money, which is the one of the core reasons I started on this path. I was out running in the mountains, and there were 2 hang gliders soaring off the mountain above me. I've found my training to be analogous to that ... getting ready to soar on the thermals!Hang Gliders 2 months agoI've been at Wealthy Affiliates about 2 months now. Coincidentally, about 2 months ago I saw a couple of hang gliders take off from the t
Just finished the first level of the WA courses. I am very impressed and now excited to get through some of the other levels and begin the income streams. Kyle and all have put together a very understandable, easy to follow flow for all who enter. I'm grateful to have found this site, and for all who are participating in it. What a powerful community. Honored to be a part of the group and looking forward to moving up the mountain! I live in Colorado and the mountains look like the ones a
April 25, 2018
That is the view of Pikes Peak, from the top of the mountain named Mt. Chatauqua that I live on. It's not too easy of a climb, but the views are stunning from the top. It just requires putting one foot in front of another, determination, and a desire to go there.I'm finding it to be a great metaphor for WA and starting this new business. I'm excited to start this journey, one step at a time. I feel the positive energy and uplift from many of the amazing people I've met so far on WA. I'm gl