Pardon My Dust

Last Update: May 06, 2014

A big thank you to all who are following me. Also, to those who are communicating with me,

I am very grateful. Please don't be offended if I don't reply at once. I am not ignoring you.

This is like my first day in kindergarten, and I have found the sandbox. I am busy making all kinds of stuff and learning all sorts of internet marketing mysteries I didn't even know existed a month ago.

So pardon my dust, I am still at recess in the sandbox.

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bobbybub Premium
Or perhaps it's not Lady Elinor or Marianne, but Lady Jenn Jenn.
that has rather a nice ring to it.
bobbybub Premium
A merry greeting to Lady Elinor Dashwood, (or do you prefer
Marianne Dashwood) of Sense and Sensibility? Not Lord Byron, but Jane Austen
Gotta Love all those Brits!!
JennPGD Premium
Hey! I see again today, scandalous Lord Byron. No problem at all. You're pardoned. And you're allowed to go and play. See you soon. :)
bobbybub Premium
Thanks Jennifer, talk to you soon
Jenking43 Premium
Good luck to you!