Oh no Nila! Your membership is expiring soon.

Last Update: Aug 23, 2020

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Hello my dear co-WA members here

I am here again trying to write some important post with regards my membership in here. Happy to know Kyle and Carson remind me ahead of time. My membership actually is automated before. But since last year I decided to stay away for a while in here. I wanted actually to cancel my membership since last year. But it is too late to do so. I already notices late that deducted in my checking account. The reason last year why I wanted to cancelled my membership fee, because I am not active that much in here. Happened that more than six months not visiting Wealthy Affiliate and my Website no update at all. "As" I remember the last content I wrote last year of February 2019.

Too many hassles and needle along the way

I don't have a communication in all my activities online especially here in WA. I use just only a laptop and this is the second laptop this year I have. The first laptop I had been only three months old and brand new when I broke this. The computer monitor that set-aside on the couch was felt down where my laptop on the floor open and charging. That day, I went grocery shopping and buying more of the apparel for making face mask. Very depressing and full of frustration to say I have nothing to use. I ordered a laptop this one I am using now that arrived more than two weeks of waiting. Nothing, to buy in the Store that month of March because of Covid-19. Most of the people buying laptop for work from home and students of all levels continued their studies online.

I wanted my desk top back. But it seems like no luck when my husband try to reformat one of these.

Right now I don't know where to find for my yearly premium in here. My younger sister has been gone twice surgery that I shoulder all the expenses. My cat hospitalized for more than three days. Glad, they didn't done a surgery for him. "Before" sister surgery. Sending most of my salaries to my family back home and few of my old friends that nothing to eat. My sister surgery cost me more than $10K. Not easy to the people like me with no money. Glad, despite the covid-19 viruses the Company that I and my kids we work together. Not end-up to the point to laid off people. Yes, we are very slow last month of June and July. But at least we have some earning enough to pay Bills, send few bucks home and buy foods.

Now, my hope before my membership lapse find some solution how to pay WA in order my membership continue active.

Hoping, has some option Kyle and Carson offer to me. Like for example monthly membership. And I wanted to avail the black Friday promotion if this year still have.

Start opening and broadcasting my diary of life in here.

Best of luck to all of you and have a great week-end,



Recent Comments


I wish all the best for you 🙏

Thank you Mattila. Likewise wish you the same word of wisdom.


Hi Nila. Good to hear from you again.

I hope you can sort out your issues.

All the best. Jim

Morning or good day Jim, I will try to figure out how stay in the loop.



Hope you can find a way out of this. Good luck.

Thank you, that is my big hope. Of all these Bills in front of me. Hoping have an extra for my membership.

Have a great Sunday out there.


I sure hope you can stay. Good luck.


Thank you TJ...Best of luck for you.


Thank you.

Keep going. Whatever your decision All the best.

Thank you Florent, counting the days from now on,exactly 27 days. That, hoping have that money before the expiring date.


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