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Last Update: Nov 18, 2020

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Hello to all my co-WA members, Howdy

Wake -up very early the morning today again. Looking something to inspired my day despite non stopping issues and problems along the way.

Every day, I try to be here checking while reading few of your blogs, clicks some training. Very quiet, not participating in most of the discussion as what I were doing before. Fall apart to think the reality of life.

If you will notice as of today, we are top when it comes to covid-19 viruses. We are torn apart that most of the support group from Directors, Managers, Engineers, Technicians, Supervisors and Operators work hard to delivered products that highly in demand to our Customers.

Every day, people sent home sick, quarantine at most, so depressing to think, that even tho too many positive in covid, the Company still keep running. I was injured, cut my finger while operating the machine at the same time allocating people all over the place from one building to the others.

I can't hold myself to cry while writing to think the abnormality of life we are facing. A kind of scary to know that one day I will be one of the sick person to. Because of transparency to most of them although we are wearing face mask. The six feet rules sometimes not apply.

Another reason why, I woke -up to early. My car is broke and still in the Mechanic asking more than a thousand US dollars to fix. I love my car has a sentimental value for me only 85,000 miles on it. A Buick Century 2003, my late parent in law bought and own this brand new. I already spend too much money on this. That although, I can't help myself to give-up the car. Still thinking what the right decision. The car schedule yesterday 8:00 AM to fix. When the Mechanic called me at work, explaining how much the damages. I told him not to fix the car and I will call them later since I was in the Middle of preparing my report for the Operation meeting.

Now, I start browsing car if ever I will give-up my car.

Thank you once again and stay safe always.

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I'm sorry to have learned that you are going through tough time at work. I see that you are having issues with your car. The mileage does not seemed that bad. But to pour that much money into it over time is like paying for a brand new car. I only had that issue once with my old car(with over 150,000 miles) where I had to pay almost $3,000 to fix it following with other issues later. I learn from that. If I have to pay to fix my car, I would rather trade it in for a brand new one, which I have done over and over. Thanks for sharing your story friend. All the best!

Thank you, for your spare time to read and respond in my writing in here. Give me more ideas to decide what is best to do. I will clean-up my car today after work. Removed all my fishing gadget and camping gear. Ready to Trade-in this week-end. Our Mechanic( the owner of the shop) give me more ideas what Brand of car my next car. And he told me if I need help to check the car I like, the history of this car. I will let him know.

The car has a bad leak under the engine. Suspected that the car over heated the day of Saturday I drove this. Where I know not. Because I stop in a parking lot of a Grocery Store and called the AAA to pick-up my car for free of charge.

The Intake SERP belt is cracking need to replace. The transmission fluid is dark and dirty recommending services. The instrument cluster is going bad( shift indicator and odometer are INOP).

Last month of September, I brought this car also to the Mechanic when the driver side window's stuck. The moment that I was driving in 80 miles/hour interstate with one of my people that we gone fishing in more than an hour drove interstate where the window open.

Too many issues to elaborate, but yes you are right my friend I need to give-up this car that serving me for 5 years. Although it hurts to think....

Best regards,


I see friend. But think about the money you'll save with a new car over the next five years, providing that the car is brand new. I also think that car dealers will give you a better deal now because of the pandemic. They would want your business. Just don't be taken advantage of. Do your research on the brand of the car and test drive it to see if you notice any issues you might have with it before leaving with it. All the best!

Hello, I get the car yesterday. A 2019 Equinox AWD. The fifth one under my name. The processes so quick, they don't asked a co-maker. A kind of expensive to think but, I really needed a car. My car totally over heated yesterday morning trying to bring back home, not even trade -in. Still in the road close to our house.

I do not know yet, what the decision to bring to the junk shop/or I really don't know yet.


Congrats on getting your new car friend. You might want to take your old car to the junk shop as you are thinking about it and see what you can get for it, if you had enough of seeing more problems. Something is better than nothing. Thanks for sharing your status. All the best!

Thank you, the car can sale to anyone else. I am thinking to put in in one of the store room in the warehouse of my brother-in law but no available room right now. So, one of these days the car in the market.



Stay safe and take care of yourself.

Thank you Tracy, my wound keep healing now. The big boss blaming me this morning in our meeting while he was noticed the wound still red and swollen. He told me last week to see the doctor that I didn't.



Have a great day.

Thank you Statius, you too also.

Stay safe and healthy

Thank you Dorrie Highly appreciated.

Hang in there, things actually are getting better. Covid is morphing into much less of a threat - we know how to treat it, and the virus itself is weakening. I earned the right to say it, as I've recovered from having it.

It's hard to have an older car. You really need the right mechanic for it. We've got a 1999 Isuzu Trooper which we love, but parts are almost impossible to find, even in junk yards. You do have to figure out your priorities, which is so hard sometimes. I've been there.

Just take a couple of deep breaths, take a few minutes for yourself, and be very kind to yourself. You deserve just taking one thing at a time and it will all sort out.

Thank you Jeannine, in my household. My two young men has a good car brand and new to say when they get this under my name. Two motorcycle also under my name. My husband has a brand new Chevy Impala Premium and Silverado 2019 HD. But I can't drive one of this. What is life :)

Mine is old but I love this car has a sentimental value for me.
Hoping tomorrow is a great day for me when it comes to what is really my priority this time.



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