My progress so far? A little different to most.

Last Update: February 21, 2016

I have recently picked up the baton after having dropped it 3 months ago. WA was getting sooo complicated for a tech newbie like myself. It seemed like every step had 10 hidden obstacles. I couldn't even compose a sensible question because I didn't understood my difficulties.

But it's not all bad. The time away from WA enabled me to review many things and to make important that which is actually important.

In my time away from WA some very remarkable things happened to me. Among many activities, I began to meditate regularly. The most striking outcome was connecting to a part of me that I had only heard and read about - although it has many names, the term in western culture would be soul, or higher self. It couldn't make sense of what was happening, I would be unable to sleep because I was so happy you would need a surgeon to get the huge smile off my face, my body felt like it was somehow energized (somewhat like the moment of sexual orgasm).

So now, I've changed my niche. I invite you to have a look at

There's still a way to go with the website and I will get there this time.

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NyFl Premium
Agree! I have been practicing self hypnosis for years. Unfortunately, intermittently. Some years ago, self hypnosis was called TM for Transcendental Mediation. Whatever the name, I agree with you. It works, if one practices regularly. Thank you for the reminder of its benefits.
2Al Premium
If we're having problems with our present tasks stepping away will give us time to study why things are not working.
KrisM Premium
Hi there!
Great post. Sometimes stepping away for a "minute" can be the best way to go about things. It sounds like you came back with some great inspiration. Your website looks good, you're on the right track, good job! And thanks for sharing.

Bluegum Premium
Thanks for the support Kris.
felixwebman Premium
aha moments... I like what you're doing with that! Really cool!
Bluegum Premium
Thanks for the support Felix.