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April 11, 2016
We all know how good you feel when you really smile because something wonderful has caught your attention. When someone smiles at you, what happens? You smile back. You can’t help not to. When you smile at another person they smile back at you.But after that we forget and our faces returns to its “normal” state.Did you know that by deliberately making a smile you will draw from inside that wonderful feeling?It’s true. Try it. When you try out that smile deliberately it m
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I have recently picked up the baton after having dropped it 3 months ago. WA was getting sooo complicated for a tech newbie like myself. It seemed like every step had 10 hidden obstacles. I couldn't even compose a sensible question because I didn't understood my difficulties. But it's not all bad. The time away from WA enabled me to review many things and to make important that which is actually important. In my time away from WA some very remarkable things happened to me. Among many activities
October 20, 2015
Today was a breakthrough day for me. I revealed to myself the fear I've carried for such a long time, that is the "fear of putting myself out there" or "fear of rejection". If it's not the real root fear in my life then it is damned close. It explains all my procrastination and other sundry non-useful habits and thinking. Today is the day I move forward, despite that fear.Very soon I will delete the niche I had chosen and replace it with the real one. The one that gets me fired up, the one that
September 27, 2015
Just want to share this...Yesterday I finally worked through my niche ideas and settled on one. Then I drifted off to sleep enjoying the notion of making money from it. What happened was, I awoke earlier than usual, with a completely different and totally new idea for my niche. I checked it out and there's only one competitor and not doing all that good a job. So I made a new website.This a great first-hand example for me of how trusting the intuition can work for you. Today I feel that urge of
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