Google Is Playing Games With Snippets! Or Who Is Responsible?

Last Update: May 29, 2019

I Noticed Something Quite Disturbing Today

I was doing my research online as usual, and then I came across a well written article by one of the members here at Wealthy Affiliate, RANKING ON PAGE 1 POSTION ONE IN GOOGLE.

In fact it occupied the famous position ZERO

So What's The Problem?

You know, when you rank in that position, Google features a snippet from your website. That was exactly the case with the article I saw, but there was something different and annoying.

The snippet featured was taking from another website, with its link included on the image. Boy, I couldn't be more embarrassed!!

I followed the image, and it took me straight to another website.

Could This Be One Of The Updates Google Has Been Trying To Implement?

Recently I blogged about Google currently undergoing some major upgrades. Could this be one of them??

If it is, then we are in for more unpleasant surprises down the road!!

What Do You Think?

What do you think about Google inserting snoppets on your blog posts leading to completely different websites?

Please let me hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


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AlanJE Premium Plus
I was not aware of this, so thanks for sharing, Alan
BlSt Premium
You are welcome, Alan.
webbsight Premium
I find that very disturbing as well. Could it be that there is a glitch in Google"s algorithm that is responsible for attaching these snippets to posts that are not from that post? Or are they doing this intentionally as part of the "upgrade"?

If the snippet is providing high ranking keywords that are bringing your posts to the top of the first page then I guess that would be an upside but the fact they from other sites is something that will hopefully be addressed. I would like to hear Google's explanation.

BlSt Premium
I really have no idea, Brad. I hope this is only a glitch. But it seems Google has been facing a lot of challenges lately.

First, it was the temporal disappearance of indexed pages in April. They got that one sorted out and then...

A lot is going on. I just hope they get everything sorted out.
Talk2Ray Premium
Someone recently mentioned this same thing but it happened on Bing... Sounds like there is a problem with Google now.
BlSt Premium
I only hope it's a problem, and that it would be rectified soon enough.

Some time ago I read an article online about Google testing it's online store, or something like that, in an attempt to compete with Amazon.

The article was explaining that Google intends to use articles on first pages, to drive traffic to their stores instead.
I don't know to what extent this is true, but it's really bizarre that this problem coincided with what I read online.
Talk2Ray Premium
It would be a shame if in fact this is Google's attempt to drive business to their own stores. Hoping it is just a glitch in their programing.