New store site has new content. Started a series.

Last Update: October 09, 2013

I was unsure how to put a call to action in the blog posts, until I decided to break down a larger topic into sections. Here is the first one. Can you give an opinion on whether you think the end of the post will help get a reader back? I also added a sign up for alerts when site is posted.

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famous Premium
Wow! You've streaked right past long-tail-keywords and authority sites to a brand site. They are they highest risk and highest payoff ! Your concept is "big-time" I hope you can pull it off !

Because your site is a brand-type concept. You've got to sell the concept to the visitor right on the home page. It has to be a remarkable and irresistable selling proposition with videos, pictures, etc. I'd put almost all your the home page text on another page.

1) No need on focusing on selling products till you have your concept and blogs driving traffic.

2) Change your site to Static Front Page to highlight and isolate a Home Page.

3) Use a theme like Pagelines (free). It has built-in sliders and call to action sections. Here is an example on one of my development sites:

4) Born Captivating - Let us bring out your God-given beauty

5) Maybe put your store on separate site and buy a ready-made Store Theme like at PremiumPress.

I think your concept is so strong that later on you could even sell the idea to a cosmetic company.

Sorry for being such a know-it-all.
bloveds Premium
My home page will eventually be my store, which is not live yet. I am still getting merchant account and feed setup. Once that is done, I will make it a static home page.

I never even thought of it being a brand site. I wanted to setup the blog first so that I could start getting a following. I want to be approachable and have people trust me.

I have looked at using PageLines, but some of the reviews were not all that great. I did get OptimizedPress 2.0, but the file is huge and it really does not do anything more than I can do on my own. I am not happy with the theme I have, but since I have not fully implemented it, am reluctant to change at this time.

The Massimo is a store theme that uses the WordPress eCommercie plugin.

Thanks for the the kind remarks. I would love it if you came back once in a while. I will post in the my blog when the store goes up. I am clueless as to how to setup the store, so am taking one step at a time.
famous Premium
Your selling people your brand. Goes like this. You like the brand. They like you. Therefore, they like the products.

You're entering as an affiliate a billion dollar business. It may seem out of your reach, but it isn't. If you know the goal upfront, just take each step one at a time. Below link is an example of selling a brand.

Again below is a link to a quick job branding I did for a bridal services company. I did it with only a Weebly site. Their bridal services business has doubled every year since the site went live.
"Bridal Services with Heart and Soul"

What does "Born Captivating" stand for? That's what you have to explain and sell on the Home Page. Then, all your products and their descriptions work to further clarify and sell "Born Captivating." And then, "Born Captivating" sells products.

If you can sell your brand, you can add all kinds of other products. This is why big companies buy brands for millions! Pretty exciting!

Your in a competitive field where impression means everything!

"Naturally Irresistable"

A blog is a blog, not important right now whether your blog is default or a static page. Your blogs will rank the same either way.

I'd focus on getting really good keywords. A little tip... many of the keywords in the beauty business are extremely competitive. Yet, click-stream analysis show that most sales originate from Lifestyle sites. You know, where they have stuff like, "how to get and keep your man and stuff" or "how to feel better about yourself."

So, pick your Lifestyle keywords, then write articles for them, not the product.

Then, consider spending a little money on Facebook advertising to very small specific niches for testing. When you figure out exactly who your clients are, and have more traffic, then add your main store as an interior page.

Again, just my opinions.

Angelsway Premium
I love it. Those Clarks Bendables are so comfy. Good luck.
bloveds Premium
Thanks. the bendables are a new line for them, and they are extremely comfortable. At QVC, most of their Clarks now are the bendables.
chrissmuts Premium
Nicely done, Keep up the good work. Take care, Chris
bloveds Premium
georama Premium
It is captivating all the way.
bloveds Premium
Thanks. I was lucky today.. my daughter had a change to look at it and catch a couple of oops that I could fix right away.
jodymiller Premium
I love it and yes, I do think it will encourage people to come back to hear about what to do from the outside in. I love your writing. It's clear, down to earth and relatable, and you've done good research as it's very thorough. I read your handbag post as well and that was great too! FYI, the link to the first blue bag didn't work for me. Google couldn't find it so you may want to check that out. Great stuff!
bloveds Premium
Thanks, I will fix the link.