How to change image placement in a Post

Last Update: October 07, 2013

I added a new blog post to this morning. I wanted to be able to put two pictures side by side with a space in between, but could not do it. I did one and it does not look good, as there is no space.

Also, my text no longer wraps (as in word wrap?) in the Visual window. This means that nothing looks even close to the way it will appear on the web page. It started with the next-to-last update to wordpress.

Your help would be much appreciated.

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jgau54 Premium
Trouble at first, until I payed attention to where I put the cursor for add media. Once images are planted, I did it the hard way, remove/add in a different position, takes longer, but it works for precise positioning. Question: can I add multiple images to post at the same time?
@RICH. Premium
I recommend Ultimate TinyMCE and just insert a column shortcode within the text where you need three columns, one for the text and two for the images. You can see some examples here: There's training on UtMCE here: :) Rich.
nathaniell Premium Plus
I struggled with this for ages. I don't think there's an easy way to do it. PLUS, it will look different on different browsers if you go in and space things exactly with html. There may be a sensible solution for this, but I never found one.

My solution?

Use gimp ( to edit the pics you want side by side and make them into one picture. Then you can just center that image, and you're good to go!

If you don't know how to use gimp it will take some time to get used to, but watch some YouTube videos and you won't regret it. I use it all the time.
Trialynn Premium
The only way I have gotten 2 images side by side is to do a screenshot of both of them and make them one image. There may be other ways to do it, this was my down and dirty way of accomplishing the task. It is then treated like one image and word wrap still works.
JillAndrew Premium
I know you need to change the alignment for the photo to align left or right. Not sure on two images. Hopefully someone else can chime in.
bloveds Premium
I did that. I tried one left and one right, one left and one center, etc. It just came out all screwy.