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I had a particular spammer that kept registering as a user on my site. I finally added a plugin, IP Blacklist. When I logged in today, I saw 11 attempted hacks. They show up in red in the sidebar of admin. When I checked the IP address in google, they all came up as spam bots. The list give you the option to just click on Block IP, and it blacklists them for you. Until today, I never new this was happening. The users I knew about, but not the bots. I recommend this highly.
December 26, 2013
A little Background I have an Affiliate blog hosted here. I also have an ecommece site hosted elsewhere, I used Wordpress on both. The problems started with the site that is NOT hosted here. I changed from WP eCommerce plugin to WooCommerce plugin, as was recommended by several people. I decided to offer a review here, as there are certain things that are important both when choosing themes as well as plugins. WordPress's own support site tells you when you are having issues to change
It started two days ago. I do lots of my work in wee hours of the morning (midnight to 7 am Eastern time USA) to try to avoid peak traffic times. It got so bad that I could not even get the "edit page" to open a page on my pc. The site was also very slow loading on my tablet and my iphone. I finally installed W3 Cache, but it still is slow. I also do not know when maintenance periods occur. Does anybody"
I added a guest article on my blog yesterday and then saw it posted on all my networks. Wow. I had 66 views that stayed and went to multiple pages yesterday. I thought I might be spinning my wheels getting all the networks setup.
15 comments Well, in the last post and this one, I am really feeling like I am walking naked along the boardwalk. My goal was to be real and personal. I reviewed this post with my daughter. I wanted to put in pictures, but wondered if it would take away from the message. Please let me know what you think.
I had originally setup the blog to display 10 posts. I found that comments could only be made on the very first blog page. I went back and changed this to show one page only. It appears to be working now. I have also added categories to the blog posts. Once the store goes live and I change it to the static home page, this should change the "blog" page so that it then take you to the last post when click on it. For now, I have had to remove the Blog page from the menu, because all it w
In some of my blogs, I add a product with its image on the page, then I put the title and description of the product below. I the text editor I add the html affiliate link (text only), but the links never open in a new page. These are usually links from Linkshare, and I always choose the option to include this, but it never seems to get added. Can somebody tell me how to edit the html to add this?
I tried to break up the content with more pictures as was suggested. Tell me what you think.
I was unsure how to put a call to action in the blog posts, until I decided to break down a larger topic into sections. Here is the first one. Can you give an opinion on whether you think the end of the post will help get a reader back? I also added a sign up for alerts when site is posted.
I added a new blog post to this morning. I wanted to be able to put two pictures side by side with a space in between, but could not do it. I did one and it does not look good, as there is no space. Also, my text no longer wraps (as in word wrap?) in the Visual window. This means that nothing looks even close to the way it will appear on the web page. It started with the next-to-last update to wordpress. Your help would be much appreciated.