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Last Update: April 26, 2014

So I have noticed that if I share link, that doesn't violate a communities guidelines or Google's Guidelines, directly from Wealthy Affiliate that I get a message almost immediately saying that I have been in violation of guidelines. Is this because I posted twice in two different "relevant" communities?

If so then is it better to just repurpose the information on our blog and share from our blog? I know it's always better to get traffic directly to our website, but sometimes I just like linking directly to WA.

Any advice? What has been your experience with this?



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tommydillard Premium
Sounds like this is a lesson to all do not share WA links directly in G+ only post your website blogs. Thanks for bringing this up
Maricel Premium
I just wanted to reach out to you and personally say "thank you". All if the blogs you've posted has helped me a great deal. You even went to the extent of doing a mini webinar on how to be on google page 1. To me that shows alot about your characteristic as a person and Im really glad to be a part of it. Thanks my WA friend:)
Blas-Antonio Premium
Thanks Maricel! I should tell you that the video tutorial that I put up was not really a good one because it only works if you are logged into your G+ account. So it's really not that great...LOL! But this is all a learning experience. I'm glad you have enjoyed the blog entries. I have more posts on my website. Take care Maricel.
Maricel Premium