Why is there so much crap online to dig your way thru to the truth.Just my 2 cents!

Last Update: April 21, 2015

When can I believe someone-anyone has my best interest at heart! Why do I feel like everyone is a liar. Shouldn't it be the other way around? It scares me that I can only tell my Grandaughter not to trust anyone> Just that makes me sad.

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EKey Premium
Truthfully, social media became social lies, I removed myself from fb over a year ago because I couldn't handle the fakeness...I have always held myself to high integrity...thus being said, I joined WA and I feel a true sincerity with the community. We have landed well!
There is always hope at the end of a rainbow
Much success to you!
Strap Premium
You can tell her to trust WA no scams and no BS
DLK15467 Premium
Yes, you can trust that WA is what it says. People are willing to help people!
DLK15467 Premium
There are good people in this world. Trust your gut and intellect to guide you.