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Last Update: February 08, 2016

Excited, a little apprehensive but looking forward to my 3rd career as I become a premium member and start moving forward. Next month I'll be 78 years young and I have a new horizon to explore. So, online world, here I come !

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paulgoodwin Premium
Way to go bill and let the fun begin
LouieLuc Premium
Congratulations Bill!

That's the way to go: to learn and take advantage of your days everyday!

I'm very happy with your decision on going Premium and with your great attitude towards life. Deeply inspiring!

billgarland Premium
Thanks, Louie
LynneHuy Premium
Congrats Bill :) Wishing you lots of fun and fulfillment on your journey!
billgarland Premium
Thanks, LynneHuy. Wishing you the best, also.