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Last Update: May 18, 2018

When I first found Philip Borrowman's website and went through the videos I found there I click away, why because it took me back to the beginning of the melenium when I first looked into affiliate marketing.

I spent a fortune and found that I was left high and dry.

Then I saw a video of some teenagers who are very successful in business that they have started from scratch, what I think was more important that what they are earning is the advise they give in the vidoe.

It can be found at the above link.

After watching the video I looked Philip up and signed up for WA, I expected the upsell it did not come, and was pleased with the training that was being provided.

But when I was asked to create a post of 1000 words of more, my stomach started churning this was one of the reasons I failed before, I was hopless at creating content.

Then I reminded myself why I was actually in WA so I got stuck in and got the job done, I now have a couple another couple of post on my site.

To be honest I have had doubts about my ability to see this through, but I have said that I am going to give it a year, and if I can practise guitar for three years and not get any better then I can stick with this for a year.

I just need to give it time.

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RobFore Premium
Not everyone is cut out to be a blogger of the written word. Have you considered a video blog? Publish the videos on youtube, embed one on a post, currate the video (300-400 words) or, even better, use have the video transcribed, publish that as the 1,000 article - and voila!
JerryMcCoy Premium
1000 words is not much if you have done your research.
skandy85 Premium Plus
Hang in there Bill! Patience and persistence is key to making it online, regardless of the method you use.

I am always here so if you get stuck or need anything then let me know!

Let me know when you finish the WA training. I will talk you through some more advanced methods to drive more traffic to your website.

Exciting times ahead!!!