Goals for May 26-July 6

Last Update: July 07, 2019

Hello WA:

I want to apologize for not being on here that much. I've been very busy. I want to start off of what's been happening with my health.

At the beginning of June, I had a birthday. I had a wonderful birthday this year. I had a few friends over and had some red velvet cake along with some ice cream. A few day later I had to get ready for my vacation to New York. I got everything packed up on Friday before I go so I can take a break on Saturday because I know I have a long trip on the bus to New York.

On Sunday June 9th, I went on the Greyhound bus to New York. That was a pretty smooth trip going up to New York except went we were stuck in Newark, NJ for over an hour due to traffic. They had some kind of parade there which effected the traffic. They had Portugal day in New Jersey. Also, one of my friend on Facebook was talking about Puerto Rico day in New York City. I thought it was Puerto Rico day in Newark, NJ as well because I saw lots of Puerto Ricans on the streets of Newark while I was going to bus station. The gentleman on the bus told me that they were holding up Portugal flags. Lots of people got off in Newark so I had a smooth trip from Newark to New York City. While I was in New York City, I was hoping that I'll get the earlier bus to New Paltz, NY. Usually when I go to New York City and the bus I was getting was ready to go they would say are you going to New Paltz? I said yeah and they say lets go. Even if I'm leaving an hour early. This was Sunday so I was in line for an hour waiting for the bus to go. With me not being able to stand long, I was hurting really bad. My left leg starts to hurt since I put all the pressure on that leg due to right toes amputations. Then I had a smooth ride up to New Paltz, NY. In New York they were an excuse why I was hurting waiting because I arrived an hour early and had to wait in line.

When I arrived in New Paltz, I had to wait for an hour for my good friend Eric to pick me up from the bus station.We went out to Applebees for a bite to eat. Then I went back to their house. I stayed there for about five days. Then we took a trip up to the lake. Eric's son was getting married and I was invited to the wedding. Before we went up to the lake, Ben (groom) came over to the house to leave his truck there. Then we drove up to the lake. The wedding was located at Silver Bay on Lake George, NY. Thursday night, I went out to dinner at this seafood restaurant on Lake George. I had a crab cake sandwich along with some sweet potato fries. I had to bring my Maryland heritage with me when I'm in New York. I had dinner with the bride and groom and their parents. I'm friends with the groom's family. I knew the groom's family before the groom was even born. That makes me feel old

Friday, they had rehearsal. Then after the rehearsal they had dinner at the house boat in Silver Bay. The food was absolutely delicious. They had an all you can eat buffet. Then we went down to the bonfire and roasted marshmallows. I met some of the brides friends and family.I had a great time. The people who work at the Silver Bay lodge drove me around in those golf carts because of my walking ability. Sometime when I walk a far distance my leg starts to hurt.

The wedding day. Eric and I went out and ran some errands before the wedding. Then I sat in the rocking chair for couple of hours waiting for the wedding. I needed a snack before the wedding so I had to go to the vending machine. I missed the golf cart that transported the grandparents of the bride and groom. I was supposed to go, but I wanted a snack. I ate my snack before I went to the wedding. I wanted to the chapel in the rain. Eric and his sister invited me to sit up front with them. Then their really good friends the Carroll family invited me to sit next to them. I sat right behind the family. It was a great wedding. The bride and groom had smiles ear to ear the whole weekend. They thanked me so many times for me coming up for the wedding. They are aware of me having too many health problems for me to come up for the wedding, but I've been health the last three or four months now. I'm still not 100%, but I'm much healthier than 2018.

Sunday, we left Lake George. Before we left we had a great breakfast that Eric cooked. Everyone at the wedding were invited. Then we went down to the house. I had to try to wash my clothes before I left. I was leaving Monday morning. Eric went to work. Then he took a break to take me back to the bus station in New Paltz, NY.

I went on bus down to New York City. I waited there and try to get a tag for my bag. If I wait in line just for a tag, I would have missed my bus for Baltimore. The guy downstairs gave me a tag for my bag. It was a smooth trip to Baltimore. We did not make any stops. It was a direct trip from New York City to Baltimore.

We arrived in Baltimore, I had to get my bags tagged again for Frederick, MD. Baltimore was crazy. They had us getting in line and we stayed in line for an hour because the bus was an hour late. My legs were killing me while I am waiting for the bus. The bus trip back home was not smooth. The bus was crowded. The bus to Cleveland was so crowded that they had to bring the DC bus up to bring some passengers so they can transfer in Frederick to the bus heading to Pittsburgh and Cleveland and all points west. The DC bus was going all points south. Then people was all in my way when I was trying to get my bags.

Overall, I had a great time while I was in New York. Those are such great friends of mine that I've known since I was 11 years old. Now I'm 49. Their kids weren't even born when I first met this family. Now all three kids are married and one of the have a child. That's funny to me. They make me feel welcomed and they make me feel like family.I'm going to love this family forever.

Now it's time to get back to business. Since I've been back from New York, I had a very busy schedule. I had doctor's appointments. Thursday after I got back, I had to go to the foot doctor. I did some grocery shopping. I try to get my job back for HGI. I had to get my prescriptions refilled.

The week after I got back, I had a job interview with my old job. I went to get my drug test the same day. The next day I had to take a form to my doctor for him to sign so I can get my job back. They saw me the same and he signed the papers. Last Wednesday, I took the paper back to work. They were surprised how fast I got that done.

Last Thursday, the week before Independence Day I had to get a defibulator installed in my heart. I cannot lift my left arm over my head for over a month. I also can't anything over 10 pounds. My employer is not going to hire me back until the restrictions are over. I'll be going back to work part-time so I can try to get my disability. I really need to get my disability so I can start paying these doctor's bills. I have to make phone call galore on Monday and go to the Social Security building. I have to get a form so my doctor can sign. I just got a collection bill in the mail yesterday. Then I have to go to Social Services. I don't know if I'm going there tomorrow or Tuesday. Then I have to call my doctor to set up something so he can sign this form.

I did not do much in the business these last couple months. I've been busy. I finally got done with my post on the sports' website. This one is a long post. I have to make adjustments to the post before I advertise it. If you want to check it out it posted. If you don't think it makes sense is because I did not do my finishing touches on it. I'll do that after lunch.

I did not do any lessons and have not written any blogs or invested any hours into the business.

Here's the results:

Ranked: 495, Blogs: 255, Followings: 4187, Followers: 2461, Words: 0, Hours: 0.

I'm going to try to make improvements on that. I need to set some goals for July also.

Goals for July: Right now I have 255 blogs. My goal is to get up to 270 blogs by August. My website posts: Diabetes I have 57 posts. My goal is to get to 60 posts by August. Sports I have 44 posts. My goal is to get up to about 50 posts, but not quite 50 by August. My online business I have 15 posts. My goal is to get up to 20 post, but not quite 20. I'm on Level 4 on the Certification Courses. My goal is to get to Level 5 by August. I'm on Phase 4 on the Affiliate Bootcamp. My goal is to get to Phase 5 by August. I hope I can achieve all these goals by August. That means I have to be really focused on the business in the month of July.


Sunday: Working on the business. Doing my sports fantasy. Check my emails and notifications

Monday: Going to Social Security. If I have time go to Social Services. Work on my sports fantasy. If I have time, work on the business. Go to the pharmacy. Check my emails and notifications.

Tuesday: If I don't go to Social Service on Monday, I'll go there on Tuesday. Work on my sports fantasy. If I have time work on the business. Check my emails and notifications.

Wednesday: If I get forms to sign for my doctor, go to the doctor's office to get them signed or set up an appointment. Check my emails and notifications.

Thursday: Hopefully, I get thing accomplished so I can try to work on my business. I want to achieve some goals for the month. Work on my sports fantasies. Check my emails and notification.

Friday: Same as Thursday. Check my emails and notifications. Work on my sports fantasies.

Saturday: Budget my money. Check my emails and notifications. Work on my sports fantasies.

That's what my week is going to be like I hope.

I'll ttyl.

I'll see you at the top.


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JulietAA Premium
Well done Roger!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks, Juliet.
AlanJE Premium Plus
A busy time Roger, Alan.
bigrog44 Premium
Yes, it's a busy time. It got a little busier than expected. I had to look for a lawyer.
Lazyblogger Premium
Glad to see you back buddy, I know is only a matter of time before you get cracking again. Definitely will see you at the top.

bigrog44 Premium
Thanks. I hope I can stay back. Now I'm focusing on my social security disability case.
keishalina Premium
hey hi Roger --- good to see ya! .... i've been away too -- got flooded outta my home however things are ticking along for now ... so glad to hear about the lovely wedding celebrations that you attended for your 'family!' ... sounds like really wonderful people and they love you so much ...

Glad to know that you're doing ok ... :)

keep well, keep happy! ... cheerio ... 🌈😊⭐️🎵🎈
bigrog44 Premium
Do you live around here or you live in Louisana? I heard that Louisana is getting hit with Tropical Storm Barry. A few days ago part of my town got hit and parts of Maryland and Virginia.
keishalina Premium
hey hi Roger -- yes, hope everything's ok for you ... just saw some early clips and wow! .... the water! .... well Mother Earth is sure speaking aloud! ... keep well & safe! ...
BarbaraBC Premium
Stay strong. I've had health issues set me back too. Taking it a little slower, but still moving forward.
Best to you!
bigrog44 Premium
I'll always stay strong. Thanks.