Goals for May 12-25

Last Update: May 27, 2019

Hello WA:

I'm sorry I have not been on here that much. I've been pretty busy this month. I had lots of doctors appointments this month. I had at least two doctors appointments a week. This week I finally get a break. I just have one doctors appointment.

Earlier this month, I had to get a catherization done. Then I had a follow up appointment with the nurse at my heart doctor's office. Next month I have to get device to help my heart get stronger. I think this is diabetic related.

I have not done much in the business this past couple week. I know that Kyle is doing this Wealthy Affiliate challenge. I hope I get up to the challenge in the months to come.

Here are the results for the last couple weeks:

Rankings: 317, Blogs: 253, Followings: 4163, Followers: 2447, Words: 0, Hours: 0.


Sunday: I just chilled and took care of my situation. Sports fantasy.

Monday: Happy Memorial Day. Thanks for your service and sacrifices.Sports fantasy and doing something in the business since is no plan for me to do anything for this wonderful holiday.

Tuesday: I have a doctor's appointment. Then I have to pick up my prescriptions. Then to the store to buy something that I really need. I was going to do that today, but the buses are not running due to the holiday. I'm taking care of business tomorrow. Sports fantasy

Wednesday-Friday: Try to work on the business, and do my sports fantasies.

Saturday: Guess what you guys, it's my birthday!!! I might do something, but I have to be back home at a certain time because we have a birthday party here at the house. I will be 49 years old. Yay!!!

I'll ttyl.

I'll see you at the top.


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JulietAA Premium
So many doctors appointments
Hope you are feeling better
Happy birthday to you Roger
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks, Juliet.
starfalex123 Premium
Hi Roger, thank you for Letting us no. Take Care .
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks. I'll update you guy to let you know what's happening.
RAFStuart Premium
Take Care.
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks, Stuart.