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Last Update: March 10, 2016

So I've only been here at WA for about a week, but I have noticed one particular similarity to internet marketing and stand up comedy. (Im a comedian) This may sound crazy to most of you, but ANYONE can be a comedian. Yup. Anyone. That's not to say its easy. In fact, it's one of the most difficult things I've ever done in my life. I was always the funny guy in my group of friends. I graduated "Class Comic" from my high school. But doing comedy was completely different from being funny with my friends. Comedy is a process. But with that said, even YOU could do it and eventually be successful at it.

Here's where comedy and IM are similar. You have to do it. You have to be consistent. You have to commit. You have to apply yourself to it every day. For the first few months it can be frustrating, scary, confusing, and defeating. But that doesn't mean you give up. That doesn't mean it's impossible.

There's a saying in comedy when you're new at it. Get up every day. In other words, get in front of a mic everyday and do it. It doesn't matter that your jokes suck. Keep working on them. It doesn't matter that no one is coming to see you perform. Keep performing. It doesn't matter if you have writers block and can't "come up with jokes." Keep writing. It will all come together one day.

Every single comedian you know, wether its Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock. Louis CK, Bill Cosby, etc. EVERY SINGLE ONE of them was horrible at comedy when they first started. No comic has ever stepped to a mic and was funny in a year. None. But its amazing how funny they are today. You could say they're the funniest!

It seems internet marketing is very much like comedy. In the beggining, it doesn't matter if your website sucks. Keep working at it. It doesn't matter that no one is visiting your site. Keep working at it. It doesn't matter if you can't come up with content to write. Just keep working at it and write!

I guess what I'm getting at is, Just keep doing it. Keep working at it. Eventually you'll be a success.

But there's one thing that internet marketing has over stand up comedy. With stand up comedy, it takes on average, 10 years before getting any success out of it. So this internet marketing thing is gonna be a breeze ;)

For Part 2 of Stand Up Comedy & WA, follow this link:

You can find clips of my comedy at my website listed to the left on my profile. That site was built prior to joining WA. It is not used for monetization.

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37mikew736 Premium
Good discussion! Ive been told my whole life I should do stand up. And your article has some great tips. Have you ever done any youtube videos?
BigMook Premium
Thanks, Michael. You can see some videos on my personal site, which is listed on the right hand side of my WA profile, under my blogs and training.
sallylane50 Premium
I think you must have so much courage to be a comedian. If people didn't laugh at me I don't think I would go back!! If you're having a bad day how do you make people laugh when you really want to throw apples at them?!!!
BigMook Premium
It's nothing but an act. A persona. Doesn't matter how I feel. I put on my persona, and I'm a comedian for the next however many minutes. As long as I deliver my jokes the same way that made them funny the first time, I'll get the laughs.
MarineMom Premium
This is a great blog and it makes total sense. I like the way you think. Thanks for writing this.
BigMook Premium
Hi Donna, thanks so much for your kind words! I'm finding some other similarities as I think more about it. There may be a part 2 of this blog in the future. Thanks again, and for the follow....