Second Website!

Last Update: May 31, 2016
  • I must say, second websites are so much easier to make than your first.
    Well, isn't it obvious? We've learned all the basics of website building through the certification courses and even more from the wonderful WA community members!
  • Mostly, when people start with their certification courses, they go for something which they are passionate about and this helps them type so much in their respective niches.
  • There are many others, who have also completed the certification courses but now want to promote WA and that is really one of the benefits of being here because you already know so much about WA if you're constantly interacting with people and learning. You could also get good commissions and fly to Vegas this year!
  • What I've learned from being here at WA for quite some time now is that when you start a website, it is very important to already be well acquainted with what you're going to be typing about because if you're not, it'll take a lot of time to research.
  • Also, quick money isn't long term money.
    It takes time and effort for the income to flow in and I've heard from people that once you do start getting an income out of your website, you can always make it reach to the point you want.
  • I haven't quite made my first sale yet because my website is only one and a half month old but can't wait to make it and inform everyone about it!
    The second website is obviously going to be about WA and social media marketing... yeah, it's pretty broad this time but I want to give it a go because I already have a website which focuses on a particular niche!
  • Breaking it down would make life easier, though and people who are starting out with their first website should definitely break down the niche as much as they can.
    The more specific, the better.
  • Choosing something evergreen is also something that I've learned and this is necessary because you don't suddenly want to not be a part of the current trends.
    For eg:- People will always be concerned about their weight and choosing a belly fat niche, even though competitive, will never run out of fashion because people are always concerned about their weight!
  • More to come as I move forward with the bootcamp training.
    My second website currently looks like this:-

  • Anyways, that's all folks!
    Thank you so much for reading.
    You are wonderful. :)


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doobie333 Premium
great, keep it up
Bigimpact Premium
Thank you so much, Doobie :)
LizPB Premium
Good work!
Bigimpact Premium
Thank you, Liz. :)
Compsol99 Premium
I used the same theme for my second website! Great minds must think alike.
Bigimpact Premium
Haha exactly!
Thank you, Shawn! :)
MPollock Premium
Bigimpact Premium
Thank you, Mike. :)
Sipke Premium
Well said, i am still onmy first website andit might still take some time, but in my head I've alreadt 3 others. Yeah, learn a lot here, also make mistakes. Have to get used to that, wish you all the bestMarion
Bigimpact Premium
Thank you so much and wish you all the best too, Marion. :)