My First Quarter Update

Last Update: July 10, 2015

I started my WA journey on April 4, 2015 and have just passed the 3 month mark on July 4th..... here is what I stated were my goals for the the rest of this year: "My online business goal for 2015 is to help add 324 people into the WA Community. My fitness goal this year is to complete my 2nd TOUGH MUDDER in Whistler, BC as well as to reach my goal weight of 167lbs by December 31, 2015. Lastly my personal/family goal this year is to take my family to Maui, Hawaii over the Christmas holidays this year for a nice relaxing vacation ! ! !"

Here is the quarter update for each one:

Online Business Goal to help 324 people into the WA Community - I have helped 0 people get into the WA.

Fitness Goal #1 to complete my 2nd Tough Mudder..... DONE on June 20th - here is my youtube video

Fitness Goal #2 is to be 167lbs by December 31, 2015 - I was 223lbs on April 4th and am now 207lbs on July 4th so that is 16lbs down (ie. 5.33lbs a month).... and only another 40lbs to reach my goal..... which works out to 6.67 lbs a month.

Family Goal is to save money to take a family vacation this christmas to Maui - cost will be approximately $7000..... I have $650 saved so far..... which means i'll need to save $1059 a month until the end of the year.


Online Business Goal - OFF TRACK..... i will need to re-focus and my goal for the next quarter is to help 5 people get into WA and complete my Affiliate Bootcamp PHASE 4 by October 4th.

Fitness Goal #1 - COMPLETED

Fitness Goal #2 - ON TRACK..... with a few small adjustments my goal for the next quarter is to be at 186lbs by October 4th..... which is an average of 7lbs a month..... very do-able and safe.

Family Goal - OFF TRACK..... I will increase my monthly savings this quarter and by October 4th I will have $4250 in savings for our family vacation to Maui.

I'm looking forward to getting back ON TRACK with both my online business goal & family goal and of course celebrating my FITNESS GOAL #1 COMPLETION and keeping up with #2!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer..... it's been a heat wave here in Beautiful Maple Ridge, British Columbia..... See You All At The Top ! ! !


West Coast Joe

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Larry_T Premium
Good luck with those goals
BigDaddyFred Premium
Great goal, IMHO! Best to you in that.
bigheadjoe Premium
Thanks big daddy Fred. ..... seems that I've got a good routine down for my physical goals, now I need to re-focus and work on my financial and business goals!!! I'll get there.... one small step at a time.