The new beginning

Last Update: August 19, 2018

Hello to all. This is my first "blog" I have ever written. So bare with me as I give it a shot. We finally went premium and are very excited to see all the potential there is for us to discover. I think for this first entry, I'm mainly going to focus on why we chose to get into Wealthy Affiliate and what we hope to achieve. And again, bare with me lol.

So for as long as I have been working, I've been chasing the "All Mighty Dollar" as I'm sure a lot of people tend to do. It's not so much because I love money, although who truly doesn't? It's more so that I strive for a secure future. I hope for my retirement that should I wake up on a Monday and decide I want to go to Vegas, or Florida, or wherever my imagination takes me, I can fly out that same night, so to speak. Although I'm perfectly happy just going camping for a weekend too. But to have that option is what I want. Although life always seems to have a different plan for you. Which is what leads us to why we chose to sign up for WA. When you don't like life's plan for you, what do you do? You make your own plan, and you don't let anything stop you from achieving your dreams. For example, just last year we paid off all of our credit cards and phones. Time to celebrate right? Well it would have been except for that shortly after my wife's car, a car we had just bought the year prior, decided that it was time for it's transmission to die out. Now this was a 2011 vehicle with very low miles. Needless to say we weren't very happy. But we didn't have the money upfront to get it fixed. needing a vehicle for her, plus mine didn't have much life less on it, we ended up buying not just one new car, but two. And the reason we bought two new vehicles is because we still owed so much on her old one that we had to split the previous loan up on two different ones. So all that money we were going to be able to save after paying our cards off, well life decided that it should go to new vehicles. Face...Meet ground.... But we aren't letting that discourage us. We're still fighting, and we're still moving forward.

Well thank you all who took the time to read this entire thing. I'm not sure if it's considered too long, or even too short lol. As I said, new to this whole blog thing. Please feel free to comment on it and let me know how I did. Input is definitely welcomed, good or bad.

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ABerkeley1 Premium
Welcome to WA Premium again. Your story was very good. It represent a lot of stories inside WA. Best wishes on fulfilling you dreams!
bigfam17 Premium
How was the format for the blog?
mystyle Premium
Nice having you guys , i wish you all the best with your family... you will definitely archive your goals. As long as you focus to the training and working hard , success is yours.
jambadua Premium
long way to go for you guys and me as well! hopefully, we meet our goals and we all celebrate our success!! Good Luck and have fun meeting people along the way within WA community.