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August 26, 2018
Hey everybody. Sorry haven't been on too much lately. Work has been insanely busy. But I'm back for now so figured it was time for my second blog. I've been doing the training and giving a lot of thought to what my passions are. And outside of my family, it's been hard to think of anything that I'm truly passionate about. I of course have things I enjoy doing, but nothing I truly love. So the Mrs.and I were driving home last week, discussing our training on WA, and our financial plans and situa
August 19, 2018
Hello to all. This is my first "blog" I have ever written. So bare with me as I give it a shot. We finally went premium and are very excited to see all the potential there is for us to discover. I think for this first entry, I'm mainly going to focus on why we chose to get into Wealthy Affiliate and what we hope to achieve. And again, bare with me lol.So for as long as I have been working, I've been chasing the "All Mighty Dollar" as I'm sure a lot of people tend to do. It's not so much because