Fast photo upload using smart phones

Last Update: September 01, 2018

Many are finding it difficult to upload a picture on their web page with their Smart phone.
Putting up a picture on your site with your computer seems more easier and direct than 'Handy' phones.
I can use my iphone to operate my websites, it works perfectly without splitting, which many complained of.

Now these are some little tips for a successive upload:
1. Good network
2. External keypad
3. Intended picture

For effective and easy using of your smart phone for photo updates, one must have full 3G-4G Network. This is very important because it fastens it performance.
Get an external keypad, then connect it with your phone ( Via Bluetooth).
And before any action on about your update, you might have downloaded your intended pictures, to afford putting up another tab in search of photos.

Now you start

1. Post > add new > = this is where you type/post what you have in mind, your articles. Then tap on the intended place for the photo.

2. Click on 'add media' = it will automatically direct you to your website gallery. Where you choose an image.
But if you don't have photo or media on your website gallery, you can as well import from your mobile phone

3. Click on 'import media' at the top of your phone= this is where you have to make a choice of the photo you needed. Click on them, you can as well mark 'all'.

4. Click on 'Done'.

5. Then insert on your post

This is as easy as anything, just with your smart phone. And aslo with a computer

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firstlearn Premium
Thanks for the advice Bibian.

Bibian2 Premium
You're welcome.
Thanks too for reading it.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Bibian,
Thanks for this wonderful and thoughful post. I really enjoyed all the information!!

Tried and True

Bibian2 Premium
Thanks Elaine
It's educative for people more especially newbies.