Love your owe life

Last Update: June 16, 2019

That information is unfavorable. We can not issue for our household if we do not keep self safe of themselves

personal care that we live a long happy life healthy and equitable lives. It also improves our productivity and our mental health which is very compelling this therefore upgrade our power to provide for ourselves and loved ones.

Some easy tips I have agreement in my self care routine are

#proceeds at least five minutes of chance personal time each day to relax clear my mind.

#Rewarding myself with a small treat at the end of the work week or even doing something that I love conformity and drawing

Find time to exercise at least once a week. I choose to walk or jog in a nearby park.

Finally I make a conscious effort to only nearby , don’t forget the second part of the advice..which is to help others. We can do so by being by small acts of kindness or simply just being a listening ear to our friends and family.

Try some of my self care tips in the upcoming week and give me some feedback.

Alsoallowance unspecified amount ofprivate care tips with me and the Wealthy Communities

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Bhu05 Premium
re: Gurbani to Combat Anxiety/Stress

Each line of GURBANI in the SGGS is a stress reliever and giver of inner peace...DHUR KI BANI AYEE TIN SAGLEE CHINT MITAYEE..meaning the BANI comes form the CREATOR and it DISPELLS all fears and a shabad by Guru Arjun Ji Sahib..penned when a serious epidemic of small pox broke out in the Majha Districts of Punjab and Guur Ji took his wife and infant son Hargobind along on a "Parchaar Tour" of the region bestowing calm on a terrified populace, doing missionary work, helping with medicines etc etc. Hargobind also was struck down by the disease and when he recovered Guru Ji penned ashabad THANKING the CREATOR for His Mercy for restoring good helath to Hargobind...and this being Gurbani is meant for all who recovered at that time and also to console those who inevitably didnt recover !! ( At that time...and even NOW..people beleive that Small pox is caused by a curse of the Small pox DEVI Mata (that is why this disease is called MATA )..and Guru ji dispelled this notion as well.

For me Personally the MOOL MANTAR is the BEST for all ocassions..happiness..stresss..anger...sadness..despair...I REPEAT the Mool Mantra and peace is always there in a few moments...

Peace and stress free
SaraPoyner Premium
I love this post! I love the small pockets of self care that you squeeze in to an otherwise busy life. I find smiling is good too. If you walk around smiling, you feel good, and it is catching! people smile back. Positive energy breeds positive energy.

It is so important to know ourselves enough to know when we need rest or a treat or just to get out in nature. Or maybe a hug, or to share a chat with a friend.

Self Care and sharing care is essential to survive this crazy stressful life x
Bhu05 Premium
Hi Sara faith in yourself god said this. find god inside you is not outside Feel your self then feel peace and love your life.