How to survive the day in the office

Last Update: May 15, 2016

Do you ever wish you wouldn't have to sacrifice your time working for an employer and fulfil their demands? What about dealing with the mental and emotional stress and just trying to figure out how to survive the day in the office?

No matter the circumstances, I think there really is no better way than to be your own boss in life and to do business within a great team. I'm not saying that by doing it that way it doesn't come without its own ups and downs, but we do our work with enthusiasm rather than counting the hours and minutes in the day.

Although my progress on building my website has been coming along nicely, I still had my own fair share of frustration and working long hours trying to problem solve certain tasks. The good thing is though, by staying focused on my own work, I am more in favour to get the job done.

One example was while creating a new post on a page and between clicking back and forth a few times, I somehow lost my original page within my word press. Needless to say I was starting to feel devastated. By not clicking on the auto save when given this option I now found myself re writing the whole post plus images and links again! That's the problem when it's getting very late and your fingers are quicker than your brain.

To make things worse, I didn't have a written copy either so the whole process had to be thought of all over again. But wait, there's more!...

Next thing I know, the images on my website had disappeared?

Note to self...

Never think to clean out your word press media file if you don't want to automatically delete the images on your pages and post by doing so. Needless to say, the mind boggled upon looking on a blank space where I once had great content.

A simple fix how ever was to just return to the page and post in word press and upload them back onto your media file. So to look at it all on the bright side, I got double the training!

I have also learned that 12 hour days on the computer fries the brain a bit so i'm glad I went and got some sleep and had it fixed the next day with a fresh brain.

Moving forward to achieve helps me through in what I do and I survive the day in the office.

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Muule Premium
I'm very glad it worked out in the end, Bettina!
bettinaG Premium
Yes me too, more lessons learnt :)
JudeP Premium
Try to schedule some breaks into your day, you will feel more refreshed and better able to continue :)
bettinaG Premium
I will definitely do that in future, thanks :)