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Do you ever wish you wouldn't have to sacrifice your time working for an employer and fulfil their demands? What about dealing with the mental and emotional stress and just trying to figure out how to survive the day in the office?No matter the circumstances, I think there really is no better way than to be your own boss in life and to do business within a great team. I'm not saying that by doing it that way it doesn't come without its own ups and downs, but we do our work with enthusiasm rathe
May 10, 2016
Is what arrived in my inbox this morning for driving my first affiliate click through one of my two affiliate networks! I am very optimistic about this one as it only happened three days after promoting a review on my website www.showmanshiptrendz.comKeep 'em comin', keep believing!I know my content is real, engaging, helpful and informative so no reason why it can't convert. Most of all it's been so much fun putting it all together (once you know how)!Have a great day :)
Hi all, I hope everyone is having a great day and progressing well here at WA. It never ceases to amaze me at the amount of help that's available here in helping people to succeed.As for me it's slow but steady, about to get into the exciting part of adding my affiliates and making money! I have spent some time reading and commenting on other peoples websites as well as seeking for some feedback for my own. One of the comments came from Jaron whom I can't thank enough to make me become aware a
Hi all, so today I have come to the end of level 2 after some 2 months here at WA. Although I sometimes feel like i'm going along at a snails pace I realize I have learnt so much along the way. My work on here has basically become full time most days with my hours going well into the nights.With so much support from the WA community makes the process of learning so much better. The most challenging of all parts for me was to find a way ( problem solving) around the technical side of things like
April 07, 2016
I am now one and a half months in on my work commitments learning how to build an online business through Wealthy Affiliates and I can't help but having a proud moment reviewing my developing website. I can't thank you all enough for being there when you need help most. To date I have created six pages and added my first blog post yesterday. Now this is coming from a 'novice amateur' when it comes to IT. I have never heard about the majority of the stuff like editing or formatting that'
March 25, 2016
With many people planning their Easter breaks, the options on what to do are endless. Taking time out for Easter is a good excuse to stop what you're doing and go recharge the batteries. Catching up with family and friends, taking a trip down the road or just enjoying your own company to seek some piece and quiet can do wonders for your senses. Although it's supposed to be a time to enjoy, we often find ourselves to over commit and swamped with more work organising and entertaining others. Befo
One of the best and simplest meals to have at times are free range eggs for dinner. After I spend endless hours working around the farm and study for my online business here at WA until all hours into the night, the last thing you feel like doing in the evening is to fuss over a time consuming meal. I keep my own chickens free to roam so they not only produce top quality eggs with a rich orange yolk and a fuller flavour, but it's also a more humane and natural way for them to live their lives.
It's been said that procrastinating keeps you stuck in your old ways and not moving forward in life. The thought of doing things different and coming up with great ideas always crosses your mind, but it seems that first step is always the hardest, no matter how big or small the challenge.For myself it's something simple like writing a blog. What's a blog ?...Not sure yet but i'm writing one anyway and i'm sure it can only get better. The thought of putting one together scared me. It's early day