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Last Update: October 30, 2014

If someone has had the time to read my profile description, he'd have understood that I'm all about the mind. I can spend hours talking to people, who later become friends. Simply by sharing thoughts! It's so powerful, the mind that is.

Last week, while waiting for my commute home, I ran into my high school literature teacher.

He asks me: Aren't you my old student?
I say: Yup that's me sir.
Don't "sir" me he says. So what have you become? What are you doing now? How old are you now?

I says to him: Well, I'm 29 now. I'm a married man, have a little boy, Working as a baggage handler at the airport, living the simple life...
What do you mean "simple life" he says. What is that? What do you consider simple in life he says with a little grin of astonishment in his face.

This is what got me thinking, real deep thinking. My conversation with him continued for a while but it's my later ideas that I'd like to share with you lovely folks.

For you see, there's no such thing as "simple life". Western civilisation imposes us norms and values that we take for granted without fundamentally questioning their nature.

If you think about it, we are forced to believe that there's a path everyone must follow to lead a peaceful and simple life. Go to a nice school, get a nice degree, get a nice job, a nice wife, found a nice family, buy a nice house in the suburbs, own some piece of consumerism folly like a car, a computer, a phone. Go to work, get some vacation to cool off, then start over... and over... and over... And actually, before you know it, you're approaching your 60s and you'd like to slow things down a bit.

What a sad picture of humanity! Sad sad sad! If you look at the world through my atheist but humanist eyes you'd be appalled to witness such a sight. You have ONE shot at life... One only shot. Can you imagine wasting it on a worthless career with a bunch of people that consider you a simple number?

I'm ok with the "get a wife and a kid" part. Being a father must be the single most joyful experience I've ever lived in my life and sharing that with another human being is what I consider paradise, right here on earth. But what scares me the most is to run through life, trying to find some lame excuses not to enjoy their presence every day, all day. Sentences like: "We've got to work harder" "why is that tax refund taking so long this year" "have you seen the heat bill this month???" "I think we're going to get a couple days vacation less this year" can literally kill your spirit piece by piece.

Now this idea is what has always motivated me to find a way to make money online in the first place. Not to be a millionnaire, not to lead a luxurious life, not to be vacationing all year long. Not to drive a Lamborghini, no that's not it at all.

All I dream is exactly what I said before. I'd like to enjoy the rest of my life like a FREE man. Not abiding to the laws of dehumanization that seem to have taken over the world now.

No, I want to be FREE. That is my dream.

What do you kind people think of this???

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sage1954 Premium
I agree with you whole heartedly!! I think you have the right idea!!
Much success to you and don't ever let anyone put you into a box!!
besjon Premium
Oh thank you for passing by. Glad to see you feel the same! Cheers.